Pigeon Breastfeeding Teat 6 Months L Size 2 Units

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For moms who want to breastfeed ♪ A teat that supports breastfeeding!
●Pigeon Breastfeeding Lineup:
(1) Adheres perfectly to the lips to prevent air entering while feeding the baby
(2) Allows tongue to move smoothly
(3) Is a bottle that allows your baby to drink slowly and placidly
It meets all these three principles necessary for better feeding, so it is easy to use combined with breastfeeding and support the transition.
●Pigeon teats have the appropriate shape to assure a better breastfeeding(1) Easy attachment... The teat has a large diameter for an easy attachment of the lips to the teat.
(2) Brings out the movements of the tongue when breastfeeding... Flexible and soft teats so the tongue can move naturally.
(3) Sucking... Different hole sizes adapted to the growth of the baby so it helps to have a smoother feeding.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)
●Size: [Product] 55 x 87 x 50,​ [Package] 55 x 87 x 50
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 40
●Made in: Thailand
●Manufacturer: Pigeon
●Handling Precautions:
・Babies with teeth may torn the teat by chewing and pulling.
・This teat can only be used with the following products:
(1) Pigeon Baby Bottle
(2) Pigeon Breastfeeding Room Baby Bottle
(3) Pigeon Baby Cup
*This teat cannot be used with the slim type bottle.
・After using,​ clean the teat and bottle thoroughly using the special brush "Pigeon Teat Brush" and then disinfect.
●Description: [Disinfection Method] Boiling OK/ Microwave OK/ Antiseptic Solution OK [Teat] L Size,​ Three-cut
●When Bottle Feeding: The baby's ability to drink increases as it grows. That means that the amount of milk,​ the amount contained in the mouth and the amount that can be squeezed into it also increases. Furthermore,​ the hole in the baby's upper jaw also gets bigger as the baby grows. If the teat size is not adjusted to the baby's growth,​ the baby will not be able to be fed correctly (too much or too little milk),​ smothering the baby or making too hard for the baby to drink. Please use the correct teat size when feeding your baby.
*The age is approximated.
[Teat Lineup] SS (Round Hole)... 0 months,​ S (Round Hole)... ±1 month,​ M (Three-cut)... ±3 months,​ L (Three-cut)... ±6 months,​ LL (Three-cut)... +9 months.

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Item weight  40.00g