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Skin care set for your baby's delicate skin♪ A skin care set for babies born from the mother's feelings to protect her baby's delicate skin from irritation. Safe and gentle natural ingredients such as olive virgin oil, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, chosen carefully to encapsulate the blessing of nature in one bottle.
●Also for newborns.
●No fragrance, No colorants, Parabens free, No mineral oils, Natural Ingredients.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: [DHC Baby Soap] Soap base,​ water,​ sucrose,​ glycerin,​ denatured alcohol,​ olive oil,​ hydrogenated honey,​ perilla extract,​ glycyrrhizinic acid 2K,​ etidronic acid,​ BG,​
[DHC baby & mamma sun guard] water,​ cyclopentasiloxane,​ BG,​ titanium oxide,​ dimethicone,​ cetyl ethylhexanoate,​ isostearic acid,​ cetearyl alcohol,​ polysorbate 80,​ hydroxylated AL,​ glyceryl stearate,​ lauroyl lysine,​ behenyl alcohol,​ stearoyl methyl Taurine Na,​ Glycerin,​ Trilaures 4-phosphate,​ Hydrogen dimethicone,​ Olive oil,​ Arginine,​ Aspartate,​ Glycine,​ Alanine,​ Serine,​ Serine,​ Valine,​ Isoleucine,​ Threonine,​ Proline,​ Histidine,​ Phenylalanine,​ PCA,​ PCA-Na,​ Lactate,​ Lactate Na,​ Phenoxyethanol,​ EDTA-2Na,​
[DHC Baby Hair Shampoo] Water,​ Cocoamphoacetate Na,​ Lauramide DEA,​ Cocoylglutamate TEA,​ Glycerin,​ BG,​ Polyquaternium-10,​ Collagen Hydrolyzate,​ Phenoxyethanol,​ Citric Acid,​ Cocoyl Arginine Ethyl PCA,​ PEG-20 Sorbitan Cocooate,​ Etidronate,​ Glyceryl acid 2K,​ Olive oil,​ Tocopherol,​ Perilla extract
●Size: [Product] 247 x 277 x 50,​ [Package] 247 x 277 x 50
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 785
●Made in: Japan
●Manufacturer: DHC
●Handling Precautions:
・Make sure you have not developed any skin lesions before continuing to use the product. Stop using immediately if you notice this product does not match your skin. If you continue using it,​ the symptoms may get worse. Consult a dermatologist in case the symptoms persist over time.
(1) In case of redness,​ swelling,​ itching,​ irritation or any other skin lesions during use
(2) If any of the symptoms mentioned above appear after sun exposure
・Do not use over skin lesions such as wounds,​ eczema,​ swelling,​ etc.
●Instructions for Use:
[DHC Baby Soap] Foam up using the palm of your hands or a sponge. Rinse thoroughly.
[DHC Medicinal Baby Lotion] Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply gently on the face after bathing or cleansing the skin.
[DHC Medicinal Natural Baby Oil] Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub it in both hands before applying it to the face or body. This product can also be used as a massage oil.
[DHC Baby & Mama Sun Guard] Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply evenly to the face and body. It can be easily removed with soap.
[DHC Baby Hair Shampoo] After wetting the hair with lukewarm water,​ take a small amount in the palm of your hand and massage the scalp gently to foam it up. Rinse thoroughly.

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