DHC Tummy Health For Dogs 60 Pills

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For dogs with tummy problems! Chicken & pork flavor. No salt nor sugar are not used. Fragrance, colorant, preservatives, and additives free.
●Bifidobacterium... Helps to control the intestinal pH and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria.
●Enterococcus faecalis... Adjust the water content and help increase the number of bifidobacteria.
●Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria... Prepares an environment where good bacteria in the intestine can easily grow.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Beer yeast,​ rice germ / soybean fermented extract (soybeans / non-recombinant),​ pig liver extract,​ bifidobacteria powder,​ kiwifruit extract powder,​ wheat fermented extract powder,​ gala soup (pig,​ chicken origin),​ lactic acid bacteria (fecalis bacteria,​ (Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria),​ N-acetylglucosamine (derived from prawns and crabs),​ Yucca extract,​ lactoferrin concentrate,​ dextrin,​ reduced maltose starch syrup,​ crystalline cellulose,​ sucrose fatty acid ester,​ tricalcium phosphate,​ (a part of the raw materials (Including milk)
●Size: [Product] 99 x 169 x 5,​ [Package] 99 x 169 x 5
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 20
●Made in: Japan
●Manufacturer: DHC
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not give to animals other than dogs.
・Consult a veterinary before administering this product to pregnant or lactating dogs,​ dogs in poor health or dogs that are undergoing a treatment.
・Do not administer to puppies under 3 months old.
・Do not administer this product to dogs allergic to any ingredients listed above. Check before administering.
・Humans and dogs need different nutrients. Do not give dogs supplement aimed for human consumption. Keep the supplements out the reach of pets and children.
●How to administer:
・Doses change depending on the weight.
・Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
[Weight/Approx. amount (per day)] (Less than 5kg) 1 pill,​ (5kg-10kg) 2 pills,​ (10kg-20kg) 3 pills,​ (over 20kg) 4 pills

Item No.  WJC03466

Item weight  20.00g