DHC Energetic Walk Premium For Dogs 60 Pills

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A versatile supplement made of 8 main ingredients that will support the active lifestyle of your dog, with 4 of them to also help in conventional walks. Contains green mussel extract and CBP.
●No salt or sugar used./ Fragrance, colorant, preservatives & additives free./ Domestic product.
●Contains green mussel extract. Not only contains a well-balanced amino acid and mineral mix, but it also contains proteoglycan, a component of cartilage.
●The type 2 collagen present in the formula is one of the components that make up the cartilage. It serves as a cover in-between bones, helping and supporting the movement of joints.
●CBP (Concentrated Milky Protein) helps calcium to be adsorbed into bone, helping to get stronger and healthier bones.
●Elastin is present in many parts of the ligaments that support bones. It helps to keep the flexibility of these body parts.

[Recommended for dogs that:]
, need their joints highly protected
, want to upgrade their walks
, do high-intensity sports or dog runs
, have fragile bones and are prone to fractures

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Chondroitin protein complex (shark cartilage extract),​ green mussel extract,​ beer yeast,​ reduced maltose starch syrup,​ gala soup (pig,​ chicken origin),​ olive fruit extract,​ fish elastin powder,​ concentrated whey active protein (milk origin) ,​ Glucosamine hydrochloride (shrimp,​ came from),​ hydroxypropyl cellulose,​ sucrose fatty acid ester,​ fine particle silicon dioxide,​ d-γ-tocopherol
●Size: [Product] 99 x 169 x 5,​ [Package] 99 x 169 x 5
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 20
●Made in: Japan
●Manufacturer: DHC
●Handling Precautions:
・In case to any abnormal reaction to the product,​ stop its use immediately and consult a veterinary.
・Consult a veterinary before administering this product to pregnant or lactating dogs,​ dogs in poor health or dogs that are undergoing a treatment.
・Keep out the reach of pets and children.
・ Be sure to seal completely the package after opening and to consume as soon as possible.
・Do not give to animals other than dogs.
・Humans and dogs need different nutrients. Do not give dogs supplement aimed for human consumption.
●How to administer:
・This product is a health supplement for dogs.
・Give the pill directly by putting it on your hand or by mixing it with its food.
・Do not administer to puppies under 3 months old.
・Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
[Weight/Approx. amount (per day)] (Less than 5kg) 1 pill,​ (5kg-10kg) 2 pills,​ (10kg-20kg) 3 pills,​ (over 20kg) 4 pills
[Note] In case the dog seem to be having trouble swallowing the pill as-is,​ crush it and mix it into its food.

Item No.  WJC03474

Item weight  20.00g