KOSE Kokutousei Black Face Wash 130 g

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Evolution to "Triple Fermentation Formula" in which three kinds of brown sugar, hyaluronic acid and soy milk are fermented slowly! Clearing to the dirt of pores while leaving the necessary moisture, clear skin to rusty skin.

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Item Description

● Ingredients: Water,​ stearic acid,​ palmitic acid,​ glycerin,​ myristic acid,​ lauric acid,​ K hydroxide,​ PEG-32,​ PEG-6,​ PPG-2 cocamide,​ Saccharomyces culture solution,​ serine,​ yeast culture solution,​ soy milk fermentation Solution,​ BG,​ EDTA-2Na,​ PPG-38 butes-37,​ ethanol,​ kaolin,​ trilaures- 4 phosphate,​ polyquaternium-39,​ menthol,​ charcoal,​ ethyl paraben,​ phenoxyethanol,​ phenoxyethanol,​ methyl paraben,​ sodium benzoate,​ flavor,​ iron oxide
● Size: 70 x 45 x 184
● Weight (Product only) [g]: 130
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 150
● Made In: Japan
●Brand Name: Kokutousei
● Handling precautions:
・After use,​ wipe the mouth of the container,​ please tighten the cap properly.
・The natural color of the component,​ the color may differ depending on the product,​ there may be rare color unevenness,​ but there is no problem with the quality.
・ Please be careful not to get into eyes. When it gets in your eyes,​ please rinse immediately without rubbing. If the feeling of foreign body remains in the eyes,​ please consult your ophthalmologist.
・ Please do not place in a hot place or a place where the sun hits.
● How to use: Take an appropriate amount (about 2 cm) on the palm,​ lather with water or lukewarm water and wash thoroughly,​ then rinse thoroughly.

Item No.  WJC03536

Item weight  150.00g