Green Bell Takuminowaza Drop Forged Eyebrow Scissors

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Very thin blade finish clean, curved blade!
Very thin blade with a thickness of about 0.35 mm!
● It is an excellent item that skilled specialists have finished carefully one by one.
● The edge is finished with an extremely thin thickness.
● The sharp cutting edge with a curve fits your skin and is ideal for eyebrow care.
● We can cut thin short hair from near the root.
● Use stainless steel cut steel carefully selected. Scissors molded by forging method are excellent in durability, and are sharp and excellent finish by blade work by skilled craftsmen.

Item Description

● Materials: Stainless steel,​ cold forging
● Size: 45 x 135 x 8
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 24
● Made In: Japan
●Brand Name: Takuminowaza
● Handling precautions:
・ Please use it when your skin is clean after washing your face.
・ As it is a special scissors for waste hair,​ please do not use it for cutting hard objects etc. other than the purpose.
・When cutting,​ please go while carefully checking with a mirror so as not to damage the skin.
・ If left in contact with moisture or dirt,​ it may cause rust. After use,​ wipe off dirt etc. well,​ and keep it clean in a well-ventilated area with little moisture.
・ If the product will not be used for a long time,​ apply commercially available rust stop oil etc. to the blade and store.
・ Do not use if you are rusted.
・ Please keep them out of reach of children without fear of falling or falling.
● Others: The sharp cutting edge with a curve fits your skin and is ideal for eyebrow care. Even thin and short hair can be cut from near the root.

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Item weight  24.00g