Green Bell Takuminowaza Stainless Nail Clippers With Magnifying Lens

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It looks good with a large loupe! It is easy to hold two-way leverage!
A cutting edge made of stainless steel!
Excellent sharpness! It has a pleasant sharpness.
● The bifurcated lever is easy to grip and can be held in various ways. It is a great product with a device that is easy to use by anyone.
● It is with catcher case to reduce nail jump. There is a fine particle file on the back of the case.

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Item Description

● Materials: [Quality indication] [Loupe part] (Lens frame,​ Handle) ABS resin,​ (Lens) Acrylic resin,​ [Narrowed part] (Edge part) Stainless steel blade steel,​ (Tek) Zinc alloy,​ Nickel plating finish,​ (Files) Stainless Special Machining (Etching)
● Size: 71 x 141 x 22
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 88
● Made In: Japan
●Brand Name: Takuminowaza
● Handling precautions:
・The nail clipper is sharp. Please be careful in handling.
・ The cutting edge is finished precisely. Please do not cut anything other than nails.
・ Because it causes rust,​ please wipe away moisture and dirt well after use and store it.
・ Please keep them out of reach of children without fear of falling or falling.
● Care in handling the lens:
・ Never leave it in a place exposed to direct sunlight. There is a danger that light will burn at a focal distance.
・ Do not look at the sun or strong light through the lens.
・Please wipe the dirt of the lens with a soft cloth. In particular,​ rubbing with solvents such as thinner,​ benzine,​ tissue paper or hard materials may cause damage or clouding of the lens.
● How to use:
・ Please carefully hit the blade finely along the nail line and cut it.
・ Please cut the nail when it gets soft and moist like after bathing.

Item No.  WJC03566

Item weight  88.00g

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