Edo Kiriko Mt. Fuji Rock Glass "Cat and Butterfly" By Hiroki Meguro In Wooden Box [Exclusive Item]

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New ultra rare Mount Fuji Glass made by the Edo Bana Kiriko master artisan Mr. Hiroki Meguro (*).

A Mt. Fuji Glass with cats that you would like to stare forever.
A cat and butterfly cutely jumping and playing around surrounded by fluffy dandelions.
Mr. Meguro skillfully carved the scenery by hand making it feel very dimensional.

The bottom of the glass has been carved in a very beautiful and accurate Mount Fuji.
Each glass is carefully made one by one by the Edo Kiriko craftsmen at Tajima Glass. The color of each drink you pour into the glass is reflected into Mt. Fuji, making each beverage a new experience for you to enjoy. The part you touch with your lips is thinner to make each sip better. A delicate detail to show some of the Mt. Fuji Glass beauties.

Make it a present for the people important to you.
The glass is delivered in a wooden box and wrapped in a "maneki neko" or lucky cat cloth for protection.

What is Edo Bana Kiriko?
In 1834, the Kagaya Kyubei glass craftsmen in Edo Tenmacho started using corundum crystals to carve the surface of glasses which is considered to be the beginnings of Edo Kiriko. This technique was later used to particularly carve flora and fauna in a scenic way which ultimately lead to what is nowadays known as Edo Bana Kiriko ("bana" standing for flower in Japanese).

Edo Bana Kiriko Master Artisan Mr. Hiroki Meguro Profile
Store Name: Meguro Glass Arts and Crafts Co.
1971 Born in Tokyo.
1989 Studied the techniques for Bana Kiriko glass cutting under the guidance of his father Mr. Yukio Meguro.
2007 Goes to Mr. Toshio Serizawa, a traditional craftsman, to learn new techniques.
2012 Receives the Edo Kiriko Cooperative Association's President of the Union Award at the Edo Kiriko New Works Exhibition.
2008 Gained notoriety after showing his Edo Bana Kiriko art pieces in the Serizawa Kiriko Craft booth in the "Tableware Festival" held every year in Tokyo Dome.
2017 Selected for the 39th Japan New Crafts Exhibition.
2018 Selected for the 40th Japan New Crafts Exhibition.

*The Mt. Fuji Glass "Cat and Butterfly" is a WOAH!JAPAN original product.

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Item Description

●Material: Lead-free Glass
●Size: 270 ml
●Size details: [Glass] Diameter 92 x Height 95 mm,​ [Box] 105 x 100 x 102 mm
●Weight (Product only) [g]: 300
●Total weight (Packing materials included) [g]: 420
●Origin: Tokyo
●Brand Name: Tajima Glass
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not make contact with hard objects and/or glasses.
・Put it down gently on the table.
・Do not pour hot boiling water due to the glass being vulnerable to sudden temperature changes.
・Do not put in microwaves,​ dishwashers or dryers.
・Separate from other dishes if possible. Wash gently with a sponge.
・After washing,​ turn it upside down and drain. Wipe with a thick cotton cloth,​ etc.
・Do not stack (use a soft cloth if stacking).
・Because it is a handmade product,​ there may be some variations in weight and size.
・Because it is made one item at a time,​ in rare cases,​ air bubbles may be mixed in. This is not a defect on the product.

Item No.  WJC03654

Item weight  420.00g