EDO & TOKYO Edo Fan Gradation Fuji

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It is a novel and practical design that can be smoothly covered since it has a short design on one side and a gradation on the fan side when closed. In addition, it is a co-planning product with "EDO & TOKYO" and also expresses the diversity that Tokyo has in color and pattern visually.
About color: Excellent = Fujiiro (Tokyo) All express Tokyo with innovative and sophisticated quality.
About the handle: Wansuji = Mansuji-For the people of the Edo period, it was a yearning handle so that it will be called "Someday it will be."
Craftsman Matsui Hiroshi
2004 Edogawa Ward Intangible Cultural Property Accreditation.
Recognized as an excellent technician in Tokyo (Tokyo Meister) in 2014.
2015 Gradation fan certified as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry The Wonder 500.
Tokyo Traditional Craft and Technology Association (Director) Edogawa area member. Edogawa Traditional Crafts Conservation Society Vice President
"EDO & TOKYO" ... The Tokyo Tourism Foundation is promoting a branding business to establish the "Tokyo brand" that strongly impresses Tokyo as a travel destination for domestic and international. In 2015, the Tokyo brand logo was created for the purpose of further spreading, understanding and penetration of Tokyo brand.

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Item Description

● Materials / raw materials: Japanese paper,​ bamboo
● Size: [length spread] 39cm,​ height 26cm x width 2.2cm x height 1.7cm,​ [box] height 26.5cm x width 4cm x height 2.5cm
● Weight (Product only) [g]: 22.5
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 63
● Origin: Edogawa,​ Tokyo
● Brand name: Edo Kore! Edo Fan
● Other: Handmade one by one,​ there are some individual differences in the design and size and color.

Item No.  WJC03656

Item weight  63.00g