EDO & TOKYO Edo Style Bell Aya (IRODORI) Monogram Strip (Hanada)

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Edo-style bell is one of Tokyo's representative traditional crafts. It features a cool tone played by a rough cut stone and a painting method from the inside. In addition, the tone is said to be the sound of amulet, and it is left in the literature that the wind bell was lowered to the bottom of the eaves during the Kamakura period, and the tone was prevented by the tone.
On such a famous Edo style bell "Aya-IRODORI-", hang a strip expressing the Tokyo Komon pattern, which is a fun spot scattered around Tokyo's famous spots and specialties based on the mochi Komon pattern that became popular in the Edo period. The gold wire on the strip is hand-painted and the clear colored glass is a cool wind chime.
The "EDO & TOKYO" joint planning product is a five-color development that visually expresses the diversity of Tokyo.
About color: Comfort = light blue (Hanadaiiro) Expresses Tokyo where everything is safe, accurate, convenient and comfortable.
Shinohara Yoshiharu
Born in Taisho 13 and studied with Father Matai from around 1965
Edogawa ward registered as an intangible cultural property holder certified in 1982. Received the 1984 Great Tokyo Festival Achievement Award
Received the Edogawa Ward Cultural Achievement Award in 1975, and received the Governor's Award in Tokyo's Tokyo talented technician (Tokyo Meister)
2004 Honorable Metropolitan Citizenship Award, Edogawa Ward Cultural Award Winner 2006 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize Winner
2014 Edogawa ward designated intangible cultural property holder authorization
2015 "Edo-style bell ring" certified as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry The Wonder 500
Shinohara Yukari
2011 Tokyo Traditional Crafts Challenge Award Encouragement Award
2013 30th Edogawa Traditional Craft Exhibition Board of Education Award

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Item Description

● Material / Raw material: Glass,​ thread,​ beads
● Size: [Hanging length] 32cm,​ [Glass part] diameter 8cm x height 7cm,​ [strip] length 14cm x width 6cm,​ [box] height 9.5cm x width 9.5cm x height 8.5cm
● Weight (Product only) [g]: 35
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 91
● Origin: Edogawa,​ Tokyo
● Brand name: Edo Kore! Edo style bell
● Handling precautions:
・ Edo-style bell has intentionally left the part of the ringing mouth jagged as a device to improve the sound. When it is smooth like a cup,​ it is because it does not slip and it does not sound. Be careful when handling,​ as there is a risk of injury if fingers are touched.
・ Because special processing is applied to the outside of the wind bell,​ please be careful when handling it. Rubbing with a sharp object etc. may result in removal of processing.
● Others:
・ Edo-style bells contain air bubbles in the manufacturing process. It does not use a mold and is made in the air by a method called Toi (chi).
・ For each one handmade,​ there are some individual differences in the design and size and color.

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