Edo Glass Edo Fireworks Chrysanthemum Cup & Saucer Red

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Glass was made in Japan in the beginning of the Edo period, and it is clear that the inside is transparent and the outside is a glass with two colors of blue and so on. It is a technique called the Pokan method. And it makes a pattern by shaving the part of the outside color, and is widely loved as a craft. A collaboration work created from the fresh sense of design of Nakamura-san, a craftsman who inherited the technique, and Michio (Fukuda Misuzu). A cup and saucer with the image of a chrysanthemum fireworks blooming in the sky of Edogawa. By putting dots and squiggles, it made it a retro, cute and friendly design for young people.
Hiroko Nakamura (Nakamura Hiroko)

Item Description

● Material / Raw material: Glass
● Size: [cup size] width 7.2cm x height 8.8cm,​ [sorter size] width 13.3cm x height 3.2cm,​ [box] length 16.3cm x width 16.3cm x height 9.3cm
● Weight (Product only) [g]: [Cup] 147,​ [Saucer] 142
● Total weight (including packing materials) [g]: 489
● Origin: Edogawa,​ Tokyo
● Brand name: Edo Kore! Edo Glass
● Handling precautions: It is not heat resistant glass. It may be broken or chipped due to strong impact or rapid temperature change. You can not use a microwave or oven.
● Others:
・There is a case that color shading and small air bubbles are included on the cover glass.
・For each one handmade,​ there are some individual differences in the design and size and color.

Item No.  WJC03665

Item weight  489.00g

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