Edo Glass Atom Tumbler

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The glass was first made in Japan in the Edo period.
Colored glass that has two colors of glass, such as transparent inside and blue outside, was founded by Kinmura Nakamura, the predecessor of “Nakakin Glass General” in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo. A technique called the Pokan method.
It is loved widely as a craft by creating a pattern by shaving the outer color. Nakamura-san, a craftsman who inherited the technique, created a tumbler with the "Atom" sci-fi character of Osamu Tezuka who was described as a Japanese manga god.
The color is blue, which expresses a transparent universe, and Atom expresses the existence that is liked by humans with a gentle standing figure. Please relax with Atom with a gentle feeling. Each item is a handmade gem.
[Craftsman: Nakamura Hiroko]

Item Description

● Materials / Ingredients: Glass
● Size: [Body] 6.6cm x Width 12.0cm,​ [Box] Height 14.2cm x Width 8.2cm x Height 7.7cm
● Weight (item only) [g]: 226
● Gross weight (including packaging materials) [g]: 302
● Production area: Edogawa-ku,​ Tokyo
● Brand name: Edo Kore! Edo Glass
● Handling precautions:
・ It is not heat resistant glass.
・ It may be cracked or chipped by a strong impact or sudden temperature change.
・ A microwave oven and oven cannot be used.
● Other:
・ Due to the manufacturing method,​ covered glass may contain uneven color and small bubbles.
・ Since it is handmade one by one,​ there are some individual differences in designs,​ sizes and shades.

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Item weight  302.00g

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