Gin Gado Seven Deities of Good Luck Bishamonten

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Bishamonten - Amulet, Fortune, and Great Ambition

A Buddhist guardian deity from India. Belongs to the four heavenly kings. In ancient times, it was worshiped by Samurai generals as the god of the fortunes of war. In the form of a warlord, with a sword on the right and a treasure tower on the left.

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Item Description

● Materials / Ingredients: Zinc alloy
● Size: [Body] W5.1 x D2.5 x H10cm,​ [Box] W7.5 x D5 x H11cm
● Weight (product only) [g]: 270
● Gross weight (including packaging materials) [g]: 320
● Production area: Takaoka City,​ Toyama Prefecture
● Brand name: Gin Gado

Item No.  WJC03693

Item weight  320.00g

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