Gin Gado Seven Deities of Good Luck Fukurokuju

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Fukurokuju - Longevity and Success

It is said that he lived for thousands of years as a hermit who became a God of Taoism in China. The meaning of the name that combines happiness, status, and life. A figure with a long head, a long bag, and a cane with a scroll attached.

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Item Description

● Materials / Ingredients: Zinc alloy
● Size: [Body] W5.2 x D3.5 x H8.5cm,​ [Box] W7.5 x D5 x H10.5cm
● Weight (product only) [g]: 360
● Gross weight (including packaging materials) [g]: 410
● Production area: Takaoka City,​ Toyama Prefecture
● Brand name: Gin Gado

Item No.  WJC03695

Item weight  410.00g

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