Dried Tomato & Shrimp Asian-Style Soup (3 Servings)

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The traditional Japanese food of agar (kanten) has a history of approx. 400 years. It is made using types of red seaweed called tengusa and ogonori, and contains more than 80% of high quality plant dietary fiber. With its dietary fiber, agar has been gaining attention in recent years as a food that supports your health. A soup that contains agar abundant in this dietary fiber and brown rice. Its ingredients include dried tomato and shrimp as well as spring onion and agar. An exotic flavor soup with the exquisite match of various spices and the acidity of tomatoes.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: [Powdered Soup] sweeteners (glucose,​ sugar),​ salt,​ fish sauce powder (seafood),​ yeast extract,​ starch,​ beef extract powder,​ shellfish extract powder,​ protein hydrolyzate,​ chicken extract powder,​ spice,​ beef oil,​ onion powder,​ fine silicon dioxide,​ [Ingredients] brown rice,​ agar,​ tomato,​ shrimp,​ spring onion,​ (contains sesame,​ wheat,​ soybean,​ gelatin)
●Nutritional Information (per serving)
*Energy (kcal): 37
*Protein (g): 1.6
*Fat (g): 0.2
*Carbohydrate (g): 9.2
*Sodium (mg): 391
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): wheat,​ shrimp
●Contents: 39.9g x 3 bags
●Made in Japan
●Serving Instructions:
[1] Put the contents of the soup and brown rice bags into a cup etc.
[2] Pour in hot water (approx. 160ml),​ stir well,​ wait approx. 2 minutes and it's ready.
*Adjust hot water amount in accordance with your preference.
●Please note:
*Take proper care when handling hot water.
*Use all of an opened individual package in one go.
●Storage Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight,​ high temperatures & humidity. Store at room temperature.
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 180 days
●Manufacturer: Kitahara Sangyo Co.,​ Ltd.

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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Item weight  48.00g