Highest-Grade Gyokuro Comparison Set (w/Paulownia Box)

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With the desire of wanting all to know about the true deliciousness of gyokuro, this drinking comparison set with 5 kinds of proud Maikonocha gyokuro tea has been prepared. As well as Gyokuro Takumi, a tea that won the grand prize (highest prize) at the Japanese Tea Awards 2015, a contest which decides delicious tea, this also allows you to taste gyokuro tea master Toshikazu Yamashita's finest masterpiece gyokuro ""Yashiki no Cha". Enjoy the taste of the top 5 ranked gyokuro teas of Maikonocha Honpo, who deal with only quality gyokuro.
Each bag contains 8g, which is a single serving for around 3-5 people. This taste comparison set is for those looking for truly delicious gyokuro.
[Gyokuro Yashiki no Cha]
This gyokuro, made using tea plants from the tea gardens that surround the residence of tea master Toshikazu Yamashita who carefully watches over them, is carefully managed everyday and has an exquisite flavor. The flavor has condensed sweetness and the tea leaves are soft like cotton, making for gyokuro that shines radiantly. Only a few kilos of this fine gyokuro can be produced.
[Gyokuro Takumi]
Gyokuro Takumi is manufactured with great care and attention by tea master Toshikazu Yamashita. This has sweetness and umami acclaimed by all. Its melting taste has even had some customers asking "is this really the taste of tea?"
[Gyokuro Nomigoro]
In contrast with shincha tea, tea matured slowly over the years is called "kuradashicha". The gyokuro of tea master Toshikazu Yamashita is stored in a refrigerator specifically for tea for 5 years, slowly maturing and further bringing out flavor to create this Gyokuro Nomigoro that is at an age just right for drinking. By allowing quality tea leaves to slowly mature, a more mellow, delicious flavor is created.
[Gyokuro Shuppin-Gyokuro]
Shuppin-Gyokuro is gyokuro exhibited at a national tea exhibition, which is the most authoritative in the world of tea, that has been carefully selected by Maikonocha Honpo and processed using unique blending techniques. Many tea farmers aim to have their tea exhibited at this national tea exhibition, so please enjoy the taste of gyokuro which has been grown with hard work over the course of a year by such farmers. A cup of this has the satisfying smooth sweetness and umami of gyokuro. As well as the taste, please enjoy the tea leaf shape of this superb item. A gyokuro supervised by Toshikazu Yamashita.
[Gyokuro Yamashita-Jirushi]
Among all of Toshikazu Yamashita's gyokuro teas, Gyokuro Yamashita-Jirushi is the most affordable. This can also be called an "initiation" into Yamashita's gyokuro teas. If you make it using low temperature hot water, it has rich sweetness and umami, while if you make it using slightly high temperature hot water, it has a refreshing aftertaste. A tea that allows you to enjoy the original quality flavor of gyokuro. Use as a gift, or give to important visitors when they come to your home. A superb item for those who understand the nuances of Japanese green tea.

Item Description

●Ingredients: green tea
●Nutritional Information (per 100g)
・Energy (kcal): 329
・Protein (g): 29.1
・Fat (g): 4.1
・Carbohydrate (g): 43.9
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): none
●Contents: 8g x 5 Types x 2 Bags
●Made in Kyoto Prefecture
●Serving Instructions:
[How to brew gyokuro (3 servings/high-grade tea)]
Required Items: small teapot,​ yuzamashi cup (not essential),​ 3 tea cups,​ gyokuro,​ tablespoon
①When brewing gyokuro,​ a slightly small teapot is suitable. If you don't have a yuzamashi cup,​ you can use a mug instead.
When making tea,​ if you think of the feeling of wanting others to deliciously enjoy the tea when making,​ it will be all the more delicious.
②Cool hot water - Part 1
If you want to enjoy the original flavor of gyokuro,​ allowing hot water to cool will make for a more delicious taste.
First of all,​ put hot water into the teapot. By doing so,​ the temperature of the hot water will cool to around 80-90°C. If you directly add boiling water,​ you won't experience the original taste of gyokuro and bitterness/astringency will be stronger. It is necessary to take proper care.
③Cool hot water - Part 2
Transfer the water in the teapot to the yuzamashi cup. This will further decrease the water temperature. At this point,​ the hot water will have chilled to approx. 70-80°C. If you don't have a yuzamashi cup,​ you can use a mug instead.
④Cool hot water - Part 3
Transfer the water in the yuzamashi cup to the tea cups. This will further decrease the water temperature to approx. 60-70°C. Pour into a number of teacups relevant for the number of people/servings. Should there be any extra hot water,​ please dispose of it.
⑤Add gyokuro tea leaves to teapot
Put the gyokuro tea leaves into the teapot. The amount added to the teapot will be 2 tablespoons,​ 8g of tea leaves.
⑥Use approx. this amount of tea leaves
One bag contains 8g of gyokuro. Put the contents of one bag in the teapot.
⑦Add hot water to teapot
When the temperature of the hot water inside the tea cups becomes approx. 50°C,​ pour hot water into the teapot containing tea leaves. The amount of hot water is enough to immerse the tea leaves. It is an amount that may seem a little small. Should any hot water be left over,​ throw it away. After,​ wait for approx. 2 minutes. Peek inside the teapot to view the tea leaves steeping.
⑧Pour into tea cups
When approx. 2 minutes has elapsed,​ put into the teacups. When doing so,​ pour in turn into each cup little by little so that the strength of gyokuro is even.
[How to pour in turn]
1. Pour tea in the order of tea cup 1 -> tea cup 2 -> tea cup 3,​ little by little. (Do not pour all in one go)
2. When you have finished pouring into tea cup 3,​ pour again in the order tea cup 3 -> tea cup 2 -> tea cup 1. After,​ repeat 1 -> 2 -> 3,​ 3 -> 2 -> 1.
*As it is also delicious when brewed a second time or further,​ please enjoy down to the last drop.
⑨Pour down to the last drop and then serve.
The content of the tea cup may not be much,​ but please enjoy the taste of it as it passes across your palate. The rich umami and sweetness of gyokuro spreads throughout your mouth.
For a 2nd or further brew,​ use hotter water and shorten the waiting time! You can even enjoy quality gyokuro on a 3rd brew.
●Please note: Be careful not to burn yourself with hot water.
●Storage Instructions:
・When storing,​ avoid places with high temperatures and humidity,​ and be mindful of odor transfer.
・After opening each bag,​ please make sure to use all.
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 10 months
●Manufacturer: Maikonocha Honpo

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

Item No.  WJF01234

Item weight  600.00g


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