Yoko Koso Aojiru w/Lactic Acid Bacteria,​ 3g x 30 Packets

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An aojiru that contains 75 types of fermented plant extract along with 4 types of Kyushu vegetable (barley grass, kale, ashitaba, bitter gourd)! This aojiru also contains 100 million lactic acid bacteria.
●No added flavorings or colorings
●A powder type in stick packs.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: barley grass powder,​ indigestible dextrin,​ kale powder,​ maltodextrin,​ ashitaba,​ bitter gourd powder,​ fermented plant extract (brown sugar,​ cabbage,​ strawberry,​ apple,​ Japanese radish,​ tomato,​ yuzu,​ persimmon,​ kiwifruit,​ cucumber,​ eggplant,​ spinach,​ komatsuna,​ bell pepper,​ celery,​ bitter gourd,​ shiso,​ carrot,​ prune,​ mugwort,​ soybean,​ oligosaccharide,​ grape,​ peach,​ mandarin,​ pumpkin,​ lychee,​ inutouki,​ kale,​ barley grass,​ mulukhiyah,​ konbu,​ brown rice,​ sweet corn,​ kumquat,​ shiitake,​ rice bran,​ lemon,​ cocoa,​ kikurage,​ wakame,​ Arctic wrack,​ kelp root,​ blueberry,​ chocolate vine,​ Chinese bayberry,​ Mallotus japonicus,​ Chinese plantain,​ kuma bamboo grass,​ field horsetail,​ loquat leaf,​ maitake,​ hijiki,​ pear,​ bok choy,​ plum,​ lotus root,​ turmeric,​ iyokan,​ bitaminsai,​ fig,​ crimson glory vine,​ burdock,​ broccoli,​ ginger,​ Chinese quince,​ parsley,​ asparagus,​ Japanese parsley,​ raspberry,​ mitsuba,​ myoga,​ silverberry,​ blackberry,​ rubus buergeri),​ lactic acid bacteria,​ trehalose,​ (contains apple,​ kiwifruit,​ soybean,​ peach)
●Nutritional Information (per package (3g))
・Energy (kcal): 8.97
・Protein (g): 0.25
・Fat (g): 0.07
・Carbohydrate (g): 0
・Sodium (mg): 0.6
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): none
●Contents: 90g
●Made in Japan
●Serving Instructions: Take 1-2 bags a day as a health supplement. Take 1-2 times a day as a health supplement. Consume by dissolving 1 bag in approx. 80-100ml of cold or warm water,​ milk etc. Should you prefer,​ it is also delicious should you add honey etc.
●Please note:
・This item is made using agricultural products so,​ depending on the harvesting period etc.,​ its color and flavor may differ. However,​ there is no problem with the quality.
・Check the ingredients and refrain from taking if you have a food allergy.
・This is a food product. However,​ on rare occasions,​ this may disagree with you depending on your constitution or physical condition. Should this happen,​ discontinue use.
・Consume as soon as possible after opening.
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 2 year(s)
●Manufacturer: Shinnippai Yakuhin

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

Item No.  WJF01415

Item weight  150.00g