ORIHIRO DPA + DHA + EPA Capsule 30 days (120 tablets)

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In this product, 800 mg of this Canadian high-grade harp seal oil was blended in 4 tablets, and the antioxidant components tocotrienol and vitamin E were added. Please use it for your daily health management of your family, including those who have troubles from lifestyle habits.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Seal Extract Refined Oil,​ Vitamin E-Containing Vegetable Oil / Gelatin,​ Glycerin,​ Processed Starch,​ Tocotrienol
●Nutritional Information (Includes 4 tablets of 1440 mg / gelatin capsule)
・Energy (calories): 10
・Protein (g): 0.36
・Lipid/Fat (g): 0.92
・Carbohydrates (g): 0.11
●7 Major Allergens (Wheat・Buckwheat・Egg・Milk・Peanut・Shrimp・Crab): None
●Amount of content: 120 tablets
●Country of origin: Japan
●Preparing Instructions:
・ Please take 4 tablets daily with water or hot water.
・ Please drink more water if you have discomfort in your throat.
・ If you are using for the first time,​ please enjoy from a small amount.
・ Please observe the daily intake standard amount.
・ If this does not fit your constitution,​ or if you do not feel well,​ please discontinue use.
・ If you are being treated for illness,​ etc.,​ or if you are pregnant or nursing,​ please consult your doctor before serving.
・ If the capsule gets stuck in the bottle,​ shake the bottle lightly before use.
・ Please refrain from use for children.
-There may be differences in the color tone of capsules etc.,​ this is not a problem with the quality.
●Preservation Instructions:
・ After opening,​ put the lid on tightly and store in a container. Consume as soon as possible.
・ Please refrain from storage in the refrigerator.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Please fill in the opening date and use it accordingly.
●Shelf life (from manufacturing): 3 years
●Manufacturer: ORIHIRO

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Item weight  154.00g

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