ORIHIRO for power dokudami tea 60 packages

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● 100% of beauty tea and health tea
● Cold water or boiled for both purposes.
1) Use 100% of humus.
2) Made with a careful roasting process to soften bitterness and finish easily.
3) Boiled soup stock · both OK!
4) It contains 60 bags.
5) Safe GMP certified factory manufactured products
Manufactured at our own plant in Japan, which is a GMP certified plant recognized by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association. In order to make tea more secure and safe, after removing fine foreign substances contained in tea leaves etc by foreign substance sorter, it is finished to delicious tea by high temperature short time sterilization (HTST sterilization method). HTST sterilization can be disinfected hygienically without compromising the flavor of tea leaves by instant sterilization with high temperature and high pressure steam.
6) Residue pesticides 323 types tested

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Dokudami
●7 Major Allergens (Wheat・Buckwheat・Egg・Milk・Peanut・Shrimp・Crab): None
●Amount of content: 60 bags
●Country of origin: China
●Preparing Instructions:
[If you use a teapot] Put a tea bag into a warm teapot and pour in boiling water,​ and wait 30-60 seconds for the first seal,​ and wait for a while after the second seal,​ and then enjoy it in your preferred thickness.
[If boiled and used] If you want to simmer,​ put a tea bag in about 1 liter of boiling water and brew it for about 5 minutes. If you get a good color and a good smell,​ stop the fire and keep warm in the pot or chill in the fridge. Please adjust the cooking time according to your taste and color of tea.
※ Please do not leave the place as it may cause a spill.
[If you use in a bowl of water] Put 2 tea bags in 1 liter of cold water,​ and after about 2 hours (please adjust according to your preference),​ you will be able to make delicious iced tea. Please chill in the refrigerator and enjoy.
※ Please be sure to take out the tea bag when cooling for a long time.
● Note: Close the seal tightly after opening,​ keeping moisture out. Use as soon as possible.
・ Please refrain from reuse of tea bag which you used once
・ After simmering,​ if you put the tea bag as it is,​ bitter taste may come out,​ so be sure to take it out and transfer it to the pot.
-Since this product is made from plants,​ depending on the product may cause differences in flavor and color,​ this is not a problem with the quality.
-After boiling this product,​ it may cause precipitation or greasy,​ this is no problem with the quality.
・ As this product uses boiling water,​ please be careful about burns.
・ In rare cases,​ this may not be fit for you,​ so please discontinue use if you do not feel well.
-There may be tea leaf powder attached to the bag,​ this is no problem with the quality.
・ Please be aware that heating in a microwave oven may cause rapid boiling.
・ Please simmer and drain the tea within one day.
●Preservation Instructions: Close the seal tightly after opening,​ keeping moisture out. Use as soon as possible.
●Shelf life (from manufacturing): 3 years
●Manufacturer: ORIHIRO

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