ORIHIRO Prune Concentrate Extract 250g

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An extract enriched from good quality prune from Chile!
[Product characteristics]
1) Prune concentrate from the high quality prunes of Chile, which is the largest production area in South America. 100% use of high quality prune from Chile, which is a globally important production area. The latest centrifugal equipment is used to finish high purity prune extract with low insoluble solids content. This prune extract is characterized by its mellow taste and smooth texture.
2) It is easy to eat in paste form and not sweet. Ideal as a nutritional supplement with good digestion and absorption for the elderly and children.
3) Domestic processed products.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Prune Concentrate Extract
●Nutritional Information (100 g)
・Energy (calories): 267
・Protein (g): 2.1
・Lipid/Fat (g): 0
・Carbohydrates (g): 66.2
・Sodium (mg): 0-0.3
●7 Major Allergens (Wheat・Buckwheat・Egg・Milk・Peanut・Shrimp・Crab): None
●Amount of content: 250 g
●Country of origin: Japan
●Preparing Instructions:
・Please eat the appropriate amount in the way you like,​ such as mixing in water,​ hot water or milk.
・It can be served deliciously even when put on bread or hot cakes.
・Also goes well on yogurt and ice cream etc.
・ If this does not fit your constitution,​ or if you do not feel well,​ please stop using it.
・ If you have any medical treatment due to illness,​ etc.,​ pregnancy / nursing,​ please consult your doctor before taking.
・ Please be aware that if you eat it at once,​ your stool may become loose.
・ The lid may become hard in winter. If it is difficult to open,​ warm the lid or tap the lid for easier opening.
・ As this product uses natural products,​ depending on the product,​ viscosity,​ color tone,​ flavor,​ etc. may differ,​ this is not a problem with the quality.
・ Please be aware that heating in a microwave oven may cause bumping (rapid boiling).
●Preservation Instructions:
・ The unopened expiration date is displayed. After opening,​ please use for about 1 month or less.
・ After opening the lid,​ close tight,​ please be sure to save in the refrigerator.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
●Shelf life (from manufacturing): 2 years
●Manufacturer: ORIHIRO

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Item weight  472.00g