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Granule type glucosamine which can be easily used ☆
1) Granule type glucosamine. Glucosamine, which is popular as an ingredient for dietary supplement. Recommended to take 1000 to 1500 mg daily, and the number of grains tends to increase due to the large amount. This product improves usability by using glucosamine as an easy-to-use granule type. In particular, glucosamine is recommended as a more accessible type of glucosamine for people who are not good at grains, because middle-aged and senior people are the users.
2) Glucosamine 1500 mg formulation (in 1 package) 1500 mg of glucosamine was blended in 1 package without reducing the amount of important ingredients.
3) Contains chondroitin-containing shark cartilage extract, collagen and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. In addition to glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid are blended, and support components are also enriched.
4) Glucosamine finished with an easy-to-use distinctive plum flavor.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Reduced maltose starch syrup,​ porcine collagen peptide,​ shark cartilage extract,​ glucosamine (derived from prawns and crabs),​ acidulant,​ flavor,​ sweetener (aspartame L-phenylalanine compound),​ gardenia pigment,​ hyaluronic acid
●Nutritional Information (2.0 g)
・Energy (calories): 7.9
・Protein (g): 0.67
・Lipid/Fat (g): 0
・Carbohydrates (g): 1.29
・Sodium (mg): 0-5
●7 Major Allergens (Wheat・Buckwheat・Egg・Milk・Peanut・Shrimp・Crab): Shrimp,​ Crab
●Amount of content: 30 packages
●Country of origin: Japan
●Preparing Instructions:
・Please take 1 package per day with water or hot water as a guide.
・Please observe the daily intake standard amount.
・There may be differences in color and flavor depending on the product,​ this is not a problem with quality.
・This may not fit your constitution in rare cases,​ so please stop using temporarily if you are not in good condition.
・If you have any medical treatment due to illness,​ etc.,​ pregnancy / nursing,​ please consult your doctor before taking.
・Please refrain from the use if you have crustacean allergy.
・Please refrain from use for children.
●Preservation Instructions:
・Store in a cool place,​ avoid direct sunlight,​ avoid high temperature and humidity.
・Please enjoy it promptly after opening.
・Keep out of reach of children.
●Shelf life (from manufacturing): 2 years
●Manufacturer: ORIHIRO

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Item weight  100.00g

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