DHC Germinated brown rice snack Nori salty 30g

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Non-Frying Healthy Rice Snack! A nutritious, healthy rice snack using about 100 times the amount of white rice, and 100% domestically produced "DHC germinated brown rice" containing dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. The crunchy taste is delicious! Japanese-style umami taste! A lightly salted salty flavor with moderate saltiness matched to the rich flavor of fragrant grilled seaweed and auosa.
● The light texture of crispy, delicious and addictive.
● Preservative, synthetic coloring, no additive.
● We cut fat by non-frying method not to fry in oil.
● Per bag 133 calories!
● For all family snacks.
● for healthy snacks.
● During a diet.
● For those who are healthy minded.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Germinated brown rice,​ vegetable oil,​ dextrin,​ salt,​ protein hydrolyzate,​ powdered soy sauce,​ agate,​ grilled fish extract powder,​ yeast extract powder,​ seasoning (amino acid etc.),​ (Some ingredients include wheat,​ shrimp)
●Nutritional Information (1 bag)
・Energy (calories): 133
・Protein (g): 2.5
・Lipid/Fat (g): 4.7
・Sodium (mg): 180
●7 Major Allergens (Wheat・Buckwheat・Egg・Milk・Peanut・Shrimp・Crab): Wheat,​ Shrimp
●Amount of content: 30 g
●Country of origin: Japan
●Preparing Instructions: Please take the appropriate amount properly.
・ Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
・ Please check the ingredients and don't eat if you have food allergies.
●Preservation Instructions: Store avoiding direct sunlight,​ heat,​ and humid places.
●Shelf life (from manufacturing): 2 years
●Manufacturer: DHC

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Item weight  40.00g

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