Taberu Utsuwa (Toasted Nori & Flavored Nori)

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Edible bowl entirely made of Osaka nori. The nori harvested from Osaka Bay is big and its flavor is rich and aromatic.

Item Description

●Ingredients: [Toasted Nori] Dried seaweed (from Osaka Prefecture),​ [Flavored Nori] Dried seaweed (from Osaka Prefecture),​ tamari soy sauce (Honjozo),​ Sugar,​ Fermented seasoning,​ Sake,​ Flavored ingredients (kelp,​ shrimp,​ mackerel),​ malt syrup/ Seasoning (Amino acid etc),​ Sweetener (Stevia,​ Acesulfame K),​ Spices,​ Emulsifier (Lecithin),​ (Incl. Wheat and soy)
●Nutritional Information (Per 100 g)
・Energy (kcal): [Toasted Nori] 188,​ [Flavored Nori] 179
・Proteins (g): [Toasted Nori] 41.4,​ [Flavored Nori] 40
・Fats (g): [Toasted Nori] 3.7,​ [Flavored Nori] 3.5
・Carbohydrates (g): [Toasted Nori] 44.3,​ [Flavored Nori] 41.8
・Sodium (mg): [Toasted Nori] 0.5,​ [Flavored Nori] 1.7
●7 Main Allergens (Wheat,​ Buckwheat,​ Egg,​ Milk,​ Peanut,​ Shrimp,​ Crab): Wheat,​ Shrimp,​ Crab
●Contents: [Toasted Nori] 8 Units,​ [Flavored Nori] 12 Units
●Made in: Japan
●Serving Instructions: Consume as-is.
・Consume as soon as possible after opening.
・The product contains paper but it is not edible.
●Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature.
●Best Before Date (from date of manufacture): 180 Days
●Manufacturer: senoya Co.,​ Ltd.

●The packaging design and content may be subject to changes.

Item No.  WJF01565

Item weight  64.00g