Okinawa Menbei (Small)

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Okinawan menbei.
You can taste the umami flavors of the rafute on your mouth but as you keep eating it, you will also start gradually tasting the spiciness of the pepper which will subside after peaking. Addictive taste! The package portrays Okinawa's protector gods "Shisa", and the clear refreshing Okinawan sea.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Starch,​ Squid,​ Pork,​ Octopus,​ Rough seasoned seasoning,​ Vegetable oil and fat,​ Awamori,​ Agate,​ Soy sauce,​ Worcester sauce,​ Sauce,​ Pepper,​ Shikuwasa processed products,​ Salt,​ Sugar,​ Processed black sugar,​ Ginger,​ Green onion,​ Boiled bonito,​ Yeast extract,​ Protein White hydrolysed fraction solution,​ processed starch,​ seasoning (amino acid etc),​ emulsifier,​ sweetener (stevia,​ licorice),​ thickener (processed starch,​ polysaccharide thickener),​ spice extract,​ flavor,​ coloring agent (caramel pigment) ),​ Acidulants,​ (including Wheat,​ Squid,​ Soy,​ Pork,​ Momo and Apples)
●7 Main Allergens (Wheat,​ Buckwheat,​ Egg,​ Milk,​ Peanut,​ Shrimp,​ Crab): Wheat
●Contents: 2 Units x 8 bag
●Made in: Japan
●Serving Instructions: Consume as-is.
●Note: Please be careful that it does not get stuck in the throat.
●Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature.
●Best Before Date (from date of manufacture): 180 Days
●Manufacturer: Fukutaro

●The packaging design and content may be subject to changes.

Item No.  WJF01608

Item weight  175.00g