Authentic Matcha Tea Without The Need Of Whisk

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The best picks of Uji matcha packed into convenient sticks to avoid lumps and for an easy to use. Even if you never have prepared matcha before, you can still enjoy it and without the use of tools. It dissolves easily with cold water and it can be enjoyed with milk, or sprinkled on warabi mochi, vanilla ice cream or a cake! Its stick format makes it very easy to carry. Unsweetened.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Matcha (Japan),​ Dextrin
●7 Main Allergens (Wheat,​ Buckwheat,​ Egg,​ Milk,​ Peanut,​ Shrimp,​ Crab): None
●Contents: 10g
●Made in: Japan
● Serving Instructions: Please eat approx. 90ml hot or cold water in a stick. Please adjust the density to your liking.
● Note: Please drink early after opening.
● Storage Instructions: Store in a cool,​ dry place away from direct sunlight.
●Best Before Date (from date of manufacture): 270 Days
●Manufacturer: tsuboichi

●The packaging design and content may be subject to changes.

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Item weight  22.00g