Green Jucie With Mulberry Leaves

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Now that it is said to be effective for diabetes and diet because it has the effect of suppressing elevated blood sugar levels and the accumulation of neutral fats, the “Kakinoha” topic. This product is green juice that blends green tea with the end of persimmon leaf and is easy to drink. Persimmon leaves are 100% domestic materials, pesticide-free. It is also good for intestinal activity and contains two types of lactic acid bacteria that reach the intestine.

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Item Description

● Ingredients: Mulberry powder,​ Matcha,​ Starch,​ Milk powdery acid powder
● Nutritional Information (per package (2g))
・Energy (kcal): 5.9
・Proteins (g): 0.38
・Fats (g): 0.12
・Carbohydrates (g): 1.22
・Sodium (mg): 4
●7 Main Allergens (Wheat,​ Buckwheat,​ Egg,​ Milk,​ Peanut,​ Shrimp,​ Crab): None
●Contents: 30g
●Made in: Japan
● Serving Instructions: [water or hot water] 90 ml,​ [serving] 1 package
● Note: Please eat as soon as possible after opening.
●Storage Instructions: Store in a cool,​ dry place away from direct sunlight.
●Best Before Date (from date of manufacture): 2 Years
●Manufacturer: tsuboichi

●The packaging design and content may be subject to changes.

Item No.  WJF01725

Item weight  46.50g