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Two traditional crafts become one – Kutani-Wa-Glass

Craft, Culture2015.10.01

Kutani ware & Edo Kiriko. Each of these two traditional crafts were developed and passed down in different areas of Japan. Kutani ware is overglaze-painted porcelain produced in southern Ishikawa Prefecture. Edo Kiriko refers to hand-made glassware made using methods preserved since the Edo period. These 2 traditional crafts have been fused together to create “Kutani-Wa-Glass”. The top portion uses Edo Kiriko while the lower portion uses Kutani ware – of course each portion is hand-crafted by artisans. These new items, which blend together two traditional crafts, have been gradually gaining attention in Japan.

The perfect combination of the 2 traditional crafts of Kutani ware & Edo Kiriko that Japan can be proud to bring to the world.

Kutani ware is porcelain that was born at the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1886) in Kaga (Ishikawa Prefecture). Its primary feature is its colorful, graceful patterns. It attracts the hearts of all those who come across it. During the Meiji era (1868-1912), it began to be exported abroad as an article of commerce, and become widely known around the world as "Japan Kutani".

Edo Kiriko is made using techniques that have been passed down since the Edo period. It is glassware that has been painstakingly made by artisans. The profound taste and unique designs created by old-fashionable manual techniques such as blowing, pressing and extending have received high praise from around the world.

Original and innovative new traditional craft items that are both beautiful and comfortable to use.

“Kutani-Wa-Glass” combines the charms of both Kutani ware and Edo Kiriko. The group that made this idea a reality was Seihoudo Co., Ltd., a Kutani ware manufacture in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture. The idea of wanting items to be used by a wide range of people while preserving and pssing on traditional techniques inspired the fusion of Kutani ware and Edo Kiriko. The great thing about these items is, not only do they look beautiful, there are also wonderfully pleasant to use. Seihoudo's unique bonding techniques, which were developed over many years of trial and error, have joined these two traditional crafts into a single splended one.

The graceful shape born from combination of two traditional crafts superbly matches a modern lifestyle.

A colorful porcelain portion with a beautiful pattern and a glass portion with a unique handmade texture. In both of these, you can see the traditional skills of artisans that have been preserved and nurtured. Also, if you hold an item in your hand, you can experience the smooth feel against the skin and its sense of weight. “Kutani-Wa-Glass” condenses Japanese culture and traditional, sophisticated skills in a single piece of tableware. These items are not only good for brightening up your everyday dining table, the are also perfect for showing off when you have visitors to your home. Also, if you give as a gift to someone special, they are sure to be happy.

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