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Beautiful Aritayaki "Supreme Shochu Glasses"


Aritayaki, which features a gorgeous, delicate painting on a translucent, beautiful white base. Produced mainly in Arita, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, it is also called "Imari porcelain". It is well-known Japanese porcelain that has been exported to various European countries for a long time and is currently loved by many people around the world under the name of "Imari". Arita-yaki's charm is not only its beautiful appearance. Among pottery & porcelain, Arita-yaki is classified as being "porcelain", and so is harder and more durable than "pottery". Also, it doesn't really absorb moisture, and so is said to be perfect for use as tableware. Momota Touen's "Supreme Shochu Glass" series items allow you to fully enjoy the charm of Aritayaki. This time, we would like to tell you about Aritayaki and Momota Touen's "Supreme Shochu Glasses".

Evolved from the discovery of a high-quality material
"Aritayaki” - Traditional porcelain that has been made since the Edo period

In Japan, porcelain production began in the early Edo period. Before then, the porcelain that circulated in Japan was mainly imported from China. However, at that time, a potter from Korea discovered high-quality pottery stone in the Arita area that could be used as a material for porcelain. In the wake of this, porcelain production in the Arita area flourished, and it became famous throughout Japan as "Aritayaki". It is also called "Imari porcelain". The reason for this is that there is no sea in Arita, and so it was shipped from the nearest port, Imari port. Also, from the 1650s, it was exported to European countries by the East India Company, and it is said it was an expensive item that was traded at a similar price to pure gold.

Developed by long-established "Momota Touen"
Adding the charm of shochu glasses to Aritayaki

The Momota house, who run "Momota Touen", were engaged in kiln firing under the supervision of the Nabeshima clan's Arita Sarayama magistrate's office from 1647 to 1871. Including Aritayaki, they have passed down knowledge, skills and a passion toward to ceramic ware, and are currently developing a variety of products as a "general trading company of Aritayaki". Also, their "Supreme Shochu Glasses" are Aritayaki items filled with feeling and attention to detail.

Brings out the taste of shochu
With functionality & a design learned from bamboo

The design motif of "Supreme Shochu Glasses" is bamboo. The outer lower protrusion is based on the appearance of a bamboo node. It is easy to hold and also, when you put ice in, stops condensation dripping onto a table. Also, by making the bottom high, insulation has also been increased. It has many fine details that make it perfect for drinking shochu, such as the width and diameter of the rim. Of course, "Supreme Shochu Glasses" are not just for shochu, as they are also recommended for alcoholic drinks you can enjoy with ice, such as whisky and brandy. On top of the characteristic beautiful appearance and feel of Aritayaki, these have a finely designed shape that allows you to enjoy the taste of shochu. Please fully enjoy drinking shochu at home using Momota Touen's "Supreme Shochu Glasses".

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