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Make your future skin flawless. Skin care items made in Kyoto, Japan


"BLACK PAINT" is a Kyoto-born brand which produces chemical-free, safe, skin care items focused on the good bacteria that lives in the skin. It has been gaining popularity after its concept "protect good bacteria on the skin, and make beautiful skin with natural power" has become well-known. Now, not only Japanese but foreign tourists who visit Kyoto often buy these items. The most popular product is one with the same name as the brand, "BLACK PAINT". This jet-black face soap made with Kishu Bincho charcoal and 29 kinds of plant oils is the only soap in the world which was awarded the Gold Prize in the Monde Selection for seven years in a row. Its unique washing style, "directly painting onto the face", has attracted many people. This time, we'd like to introduce the product concept of this skin care brand, "BLACK PAINT", and its series products.

The key to the beautiful skin is to protect and grow "good bacteria".
Realize the best skin by making the best use of its natural power

The idea of the skin care brand "BLACK PAINT" is very simple. Make naturally beautiful skin come true by protecting and growing "good bacteria" in the skin. We humans have many kinds of bacteria called enteric bacteria in the bowels. Among them, what contributes to our health maintenance is "good bacteria". Actually it also exists in our skin. Even the amount of moisture, collagen, hyaluronan, etc in the skin is said to be proportional to the number of good bacteria. On the other hand, various stresses to the skin such as aging, environment, UV rays, and chemical ingredients can be a factor to reduce good bacteria. Especially antiseptic preservative, alcohol, ethanol etc contained in cosmetics reduce it a lot and may cause trouble to your skin. In order to maintain beautiful, youthful skin, "BLACK PAINT" protects and grows good bacteria while you wash your face. It will lead to naturally beautiful skin which human beings originally have.

Cleanse dirt in pores and protect good bacteria
Revolutionary soap "BLACK PAINT"

It's said skin has approx. 200 thousand of pores. Pores are very important as they control the moisture and beauty of the skin. If they are clean and tight, the skin will become softer and firmer. But if pores are filled with dirt such as sebum, the skin will lose moisture and get dry and rough. Also, it can cause wrinkles as time goes by. When you are young, sebum is excessively secreted and it makes pimples or darkened skin. If you age, those pores become bigger and bigger and also cause sagging skin and wrinkles. Conversely, no matter how old you are, you can solve problems of your skin if your pores are clean. "BLACK PAINT" is made using natural ingredients such as 29 kinds of organic plant oils, honey, silk powder, tea leaves, Bincho charcoal, and yeast. It's slowly matured at a low temperature of around 37 degrees for half a year. The organic plant oils contained in "BLACK PAINT" smoothly blend into makeup as well as sebum, and Bincho charcoal absorbs them while protecting the good bacteria of the skin. The cleansed pores will become tight and provide smooth, glowing skin.

All products from "BLACK PAINT" skin care series are natural, organic, and made in Kyoto

On top of the face soap "BLACK PAINT", all skin care items from "BLACK PAINT" such as a skin care set for beginners, highly-concentrated beauty oil, foundation, oil-blotting paper, etc., are manufactured using only natural, organic ingredients. Made without alcohol, synthetic dyes, synthetic perfume, antiseptic preservatives, antioxidants, synthetic surfactants, penetrants, and ultraviolet absorbers, they can be used regardless of age or gender with peace of mind, and they have also got "halal certification". They clean pores with natural power, and bring out the original moisture, brightness, and firmness of healthy skin. Also, in Kyoto, where all items are manufactured, there are three directly-managed roadside shops in Arashiyama, Gosho East, and Kitayama. Arashiyama and Gosho East are especially convenient as they are pretty close to sightseeing areas and you can try most items. These items are also sold in big department stores in Japan such as Kyoto Daimaru, Hanshin Department Store, etc. The "BLACK PAINT" skin care series is carefully made with selected ingredients and manufacturing methods in order to make your skin healthy and beautiful. Experience it at least once. *Halal certification is given only to those items certified to be safe and high-quality according to Sharia.

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