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Make your bathroom comfortable! "Warm water washing toilet seat" for use in China

Lifestyle, Electric Appliances2016.01.04

In Japan, a "warm water washing toilet seat" can be seen in common households, hotels, and public facilities, but it actually seems rare for foreigners. Especially these days, more and more Chinese tourists tend to buy them as a souvenir at electronics retail stores.
So this time, we'd like to introduce a warm water washing toilet seat designed for use in China, "Sun wash DA". It's made by a Japanese manufacturer, "ASAHI EITO", which has a history of more than 300 years. This item enables you to use a warm water washing toilet seat at home without coming to Japan to buy one! Don't miss it if you live in China.

Point 1!
220V specification suitable for common households in China
Features a lot of comfortable & convenient functions!

This item is a warm water washing toilet seat designed for use in China. If your toilet is Western-style and has access to a power source, you can easily use it by exchanging the stool seat portion. It's suitable for a voltage of 220, and the plug is in a shape that can be used in ordinary households in China. Moreover, the controls re written in Chinese. You won't have common problems such as "I can't use the product I bought in Japan in my country". Please purchase this item without worrying.

*Please make sure of the size before purchase. The size details are stated at the bottom.

Point 2!
Maintenance can be performed in China, too!
Contact here for inquiries and repair requests after purchase!

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Free Call: 400-065-7707, TEL:0371-69176177/
Hours of Business: 9:00 - 17:00 (except public holidays, Mon - Fri)

Point 3!
In addition to the standard washing function,
more useful functions are featured!

As basic functions, it features a "buttocks washing" function that thoroughly cleans and a "bidet washing" function that washes gently with a special nozzle. Moreover, features such as comfortable washing and cleaning are added as well.

[Buttocks washing]
It cleans properly with warm water and water force which is set beforehand.
[Bidet washing]
The special nozzle washes widely and gently. Different nozzles are used for "buttocks washing" and "bidet washing" with consideration for hygiene.
Buttocks washing
Bidet washing

Two kinds of water flow! "Move washing" & "Rhythm washing" both wash thoroughly & comfortably

In addition to the basic washing patterns, "move washing" and "rhythm washing" are added for a superior washing sensation.

[Move washing]
The nozzle moves back and forth to wash over a wide area.
[Rhythm washing]
Strong & weak water flows wash in a rhythmic manner.
Move washing
Rhythm washing

Since it's an essential item for everyday life,
comfort functions & energy-saving functions have been added!

Everyone always wants to keeps their bathroom clean and comfortable. "Sun wash DA" features functions such as "self-cleaning" which cleans nozzles automatically, quiet "soft closing" of the lid and seat, and "energy-saving mode" that reduces the amount of power used.

[Nozzle self-cleaning]
It automatically cleans the nozzle before/after use. You can always use your toilet in a hygienic state.
[Soft closing]
Designed so that the seat and cover slowly and quietly close.
[Energy-saving mode]
If you set the energy-saving mode, it will keep the water and seat at 32 degrees while reducing unnecessary energy consumed when you don't use it. It also has a "super-energy-saving mode" that automatically stops warming up the seat and water until you use it next.
Nozzle self-cleaning
Soft closing

Point 4!
Easy to install & clean!
The price is JP¥59,800

It can be easily installed just by sliding in to place. The lid can also be put on and removed so you can clean it no hassle! "Sun wash DA" transforms your toilet into a warm water washing toilet in a second!

[Slide attaching]
Once installation is complete, the body can be easily attached and removed. You can clean dirt between the toilet and seat.
[Removable toilet lid]
The lid is removable. You can clean it with diluted neutral detergent.
Slide attaching
Removable toilet lid

Point 5!
Important points to check before purchase

Before purchasing, please refer to the picture below to check if your bathroom and toilet are suitable for this item.

If your bathroom or toilet is not suitable for the required dimensions in picture A, B and C, this item cannot be installed. Also, even though it can be used in an area other than China, unless it has a voltage of 220 (e.g. Hong Kong), please use an outlet adapter.

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