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Carefully-made one by one, DHC's "safe & healthy" supplements


Supplements are convenient as they help you intake various nutrients that you tend to lack in your everyday diet. "DHC" has been producing a lot of supplements that reflect each period in time since a time when they were not very popular in Japan. The passion of the biggest company in the industry is confined within each tablet.
DHC's supplements are made under strict safety management and quality control based on the basic policy of "the best quality, most nutrients, highest absorbency, and reasonable price" as they are items that are to be taken every day. DHC's supplements are only made in Japanese factories which have passed the "GMP", a guideline specified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare regarding the quality and safety of healthy food. The ingredients, formulation, and the amount or quality of active ingredients is carefully examined. DHC also keeps the production line completely clean. Moreover, it has a counseling office consisting of 30 qualified people including 10 doctors. In other words, DHC performs research and development for better quality using its own system which is not very common in many health or pharmaceutical companies. The letters "DHC" are engraved on the tablets to shows its pride and responsibility. Try the "healthy supplements" of DHC, the biggest company in the industry in Japan.

For those who want to look stylish in mini-skirts and pants!
"Melilotus" gets rid of excessive moisture inside your body!

This "Melilotus" is recommended for those who want to wear shorts and mini-skirts all day in slender style. Melilotus is a herb of the legume family and abundantly contains an aromatic substance, coumarin. Melilotus extract combined with Java tea extract, ginkgo biloba leaf, and chili pepper will maintain a slim body line by working on the excessive water in your body. If you feel lethargic in the evening, take the entire daily intake in one go after lunch.

82 kinds of plants are fermented & matured!
"Matured Fermentation Extract & Enzymes" support a healthy life!

Enzymes support your vitality and are said to be effective for beauty and health. DHC "Matured Fermentation Extract & Enzymes" is a supplement containing extracts from 82 kinds of plants that have been matured and fermented. Also, fermented grain extract is added to aid digestive enzymes which fermented plant extracts can't do. Perfect for those who often have unbalanced meals, and who want to stay beautiful and healthy.

Get better vision with anthocyanin!
"Blueberry Extract" recommended for tired eyes!

This supplement with blueberry extract contains the natural bluish-purple pigment anthocyanin, marigold that contains lutein, carotenoid, and B vitamins that quickly reach your eyes and support recovery from eye strain. Take regularly after 30 days if you use a computer or TV a lot, often drive, study, read books, want to maintain a good vision, etc.

Support a healthy diet and slim body figure!
"Forskolin" focuses on a lean body mass!

DHC's "Forskolin" is made using the natural vegetable ingredient coleus forskohlii extract, is a mint family plant that grows in South Africa and has an effect on lean body mass. Also, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 are added to this extract. For a healthy diet, and keeping a slim body. Start by taking one before breakfast and dinner. It will be even more effective when combined with exercise.

This time, we have introduced the four most recommended items among all DHC supplements. Our site sells many more DHC supplements other than these. We hope you will find your favorite one. Also, you can see the ingredients and daily intake of introduced items on each page.

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