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Give rich, beautiful "gloss" to your hair


Healthy, beautiful hair is the symbol of youthfulness.
However, there are many people who become worried about their hair as they grow older.
A healthy scalp environment is said to be necessary for beautiful, abundant hair.
So this time we'd like to introduce POLA's "Kurobihatu Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Essence" which focus on the scalp environment to create firm, beautiful hair. (General name: POLA Medicated Scalp Essence B [Quasi Drug])

Shampoo, treatment, and scalp essence
Each one will help your hair become vibrant

"Kurobihatu" shampoo and treatment feature three kinds of collagen (moisturizing ingredient).

  1. 1. 100% *pure super-penetrating collagen *The purity of succinoyl atelocollagen included in the ingredients *Succinoyl atelocollagen: Provides moisture to heavily damaged hair.
  2. 2. Heat active collagen (moisturizing ingredient) *Hydrolyzed silk PG-propyl methylsilanediol:
    Makes a film that prevents damage when exposed to the heat of a drier or hair iron.
  3. 3. Cleaning collagen (cleaning ingredient: Contained in the shampoo) *Potassium cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen: Gently wraps the scalp and hair and thoroughly cleans them.
    Repairing collagen (repair ingredient: Contained in the treatment)
    *Isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen: Coats and protects heavily damaged hair.

With this shampoo and treatment containing three kinds of collagen, wash your scalp and hair to make damaged hair soft and voluminous.
Also, it contains black pearl extract and a fermented oil for adult hair that easily dries out.
The fermented oil is made by combining argan oil (pseudozyma epicola/soybean flour/argania spinosa kernel oil ferment filtrate) and green tea oil (pseudozyma epicola/camellia sinensis seed oil/glucose/glycine soja (soybean) meal/malt extract/yeast extract ferment filtrate).
It makes the hair surface smooth while providing gloss.

The shampoo with rich foam thoroughly washes the scalp and hair. Made without silicon and laureth.

The rich foam will thoroughly wash the scalp and hair for firmer, stronger hair.
Also, the treatment will coat damaged hair.
It penetrates in to the hair to give a voluminous feeling.

Damage repair & odor removal

You will also be concerned about odor as you grow older. "Kurobihatu" shampoo and conditioner feature a green floral aroma that reduces scalp and hair odor.
Moreover, it reduces the smell of cigarette smoke and cooking smoke.

Lastly, the scalp essence.
It will improve the growth of hair and provide beautiful, firm hair.

Features active ingredients that support the growth of hair such as panax ginseng root extract, panthenyl ethyl ether, vitamin E, and dipotassium glycyrrhizate.
The original moisturizing ingredients that support the scalp environment (oryza sativa extract, handroanthus impetiginosus bark extract, sanguisorba officinalis root extract,
hypericum perforatum extract, silybin maltoside, and evolvulus alsinoides extract) will improve your scalp condition helping strong hair to grow.
Get rich, beautiful "glossy hair" by using Kurobihatu every day.

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