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Mt. Fuji Glass & Paulownia Box

About Mt. Fuji GlassesJapan's famous mountain, Mt. Fuji, rising up inside the glass


Mt. Fuji is designated as a World Heritage Site. Its beautiful appearance is widely known as a symbol of Japan. This time we'd like to introduce "Mt. Fuji Glass" -which depicts Mt. Fuji in the bottom of a traditional craft Edo glass item. Edo glass is designated as a traditional craft by Japan and Tokyo Prefecture. Each item is made by skillful craftsmen one by one. This "Mt. Fuji Glass" produced by "Tajima Glass Co., Ltd." is also made using the traditional techniques of Edo glass. It started to catch the eye in February 2015 and since then it has become very popular, almost so much that it's hard to keep up with the demand.

History of Mt. Fuji GlassesThe magnificent appearance of Mt. Fuji is depicted in the glass using the professional skill of a traditional craft, Edo glass

Mt. Fuji Glass being manufactured

Tokyo is a Mecca for hand-made glass. "Tajima Glass" is a manufacture that produces and sells "Edo glass" that was founded in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, in 1956. It has been making glass products to suit the each period in time for over 50 years. With its product developing capability and techniques that have been cultivated for many years, "Tajima Glass" is passing the appeal and culture of Japanese hand-made glass on to future generations. Its "Mt. Fuji Glass" is also made with the characteristic techniques of a manufacturer who is familiar with working with glass material.

Manufacture of Mt. Fuji GlassesThe very popular, rare "Mt. Fuji Glass" is available in a limited number at WOAH! JAPAN!

Mt. Fuji Glass & Tumbler-Shaped Mt. Fuji Glass

"Mt. Fuji Glass" is made using a technique called "mold blowing" where the glass melted in the furnace is picked up with a blowing rod, put in a mold, and shaped with breath. The bottom in the shape of Mt. Fuji is also thick, so you can feel a sense of weight. In contrast, the glass gets thinner as it goes toward the top. The portion that touches the lips has an exquisite feeling. Not just the design, the quality of the glass is also great. However, as each glass is made by hand, the experienced skill of craftsmen is definitely needed in order to adjust the amount of glass to pick up and when blowing. Therefore, the maximum number of glasses that can be produced in a day is roughly 300 and this has become a very popular, rare item that you can't get whenever you want. This "Mt. Fuji Glass" is now available at WOAH! JAPAN in a limited number!

Award History of Mt. Fuji GlassesWon the grand prize at the Japan Souvenir Grand-Prix 2015 as well as the "Tourism Agency Award"

Color change at the bottom of the Mt. Fuji Glass

"Mt. Fuji Glass" won the grand prize in the goods & novelty section at the Japan Souvenir Grand-Prix 2015 which was supported by the Japan Tourism Agency of The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Moreover, it has also won the "Tourism Agency Award" which is a grand prize for one item selected from a total 478 nominated items. Mt. Fuji at the bottom has a different appearance depending on what kind of drink you putin, for example, beer, whiskey, coffee, green tea, etc. It is also recommended enjoying shaved ice with various kinds of syrup in this, like in the photo. Why don't you enjoy a relaxing time while watching Mt. Fuji in a glass that changes its appearance depending on what drink it is holding.

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