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The combination of enzymes & hydrogen power helps support your beauty and health!


Does a strict diet place a heavy burden on your body and mind? On busy mornings, do you tend to neglect caring for your skin and body? As a reaction to self-restraint, do you instantly rebound with gluttony? There are perhaps many women who, when repeatedly doing such things, imperceptibly don't feel great and are not able to feel refreshed, and conversely feel further away from beauty. "Kosuiso 238-Sen" is a supplement food to help such women. "Kosuiso 328-Sen" is filled with currently popular enzymes and hydrogen. Enzymes are substances that are related to the function of the whole body. Thanks to them, our bodies are able to function smoothly. However, enzymes in the body decrease with age. This "Kosuiso 328-Sen" helps replenish these lost enzymes. Also, hydrogen powder is said to effectively alleviate worries regarding your beauty and diet.
In other words, this "Kosuiso 328-Sen" which is filled with enzymes and hydrogen power, is the perfect item to support your beauty and health!
Choose "Kosuiso 328-Sen" which is suitable for your lifestyle and pace of life, and get a healthy body that is wonderfully beautiful and has ideal style!

Carefully selected enzyme extracts are confined while still fresh "Kosuiso 328-Sen Fresh Supplement"!!

The "Kosuiso 328-Sen Fresh Supplement" uses enzymes extracted from 328 types of vegetables, fruit and plants and traps them in while still fresh.
By consuming enzyme extracts while they are still fresh, they are delivered to every part of the body, helping to create a beautiful body. As this is a functional nutritional food, it is full of nutrients such as vitamins! Also, it contains hydrogen powder which is popular for its high reducing power!
All you have to do is take 3 tablets a day, so you can continue using it for a long time.

One drink has just 30kcal! Lots of nutrients support your beauty "Kosuiso 328-Sen Drink Type"!!

"Kosuiso 328-Sen Drink Type", enzymes and hydrogen power combined together! You can properly intake nutrients that you tend to lack in your diet while dieting. Also, one drink contains just 30kcal! Choose your favorite from the 2 flavors available - refreshingly sour acai berry and profoundly sweet Okinawa brown sugar. As it is tasty you can continue taking it with ease, which is indispensable for health management and dieting. The first time you open it, add the included "hydrogen powder" to the bottle, close the cap and shake. Please drink after it has dissolved properly.

At a price that makes it easy to try for beginners
"Kosuiso 328-Sen Supplement"!!

Recommended for those who are interested in the power of enzymes but are worried about the price. This "Kosuiso 328-Sen Supplement" has 328 kinds of enzyme and hydrogen powder condensed into one tablet. Compared to the "Fresh Supplement" and "Drink" items it is lower in price so easier to try out for newcomers. Of course, it still contains the assured power of hydrogen powder! The combination of enzymes & hydrogen power helps to healthily support dieters.

There are 3 "Kosuiso 328-Sen" items. Each one contains enzymes and hydrogen power that help support your beauty and health. Select these items perfect for your body and aim for a body that is healthy and beautiful.
To find out the ingredients, the daily recommended dose, etc. for each item, please check each item's individual page.

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