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A collaboration of “Arita-yaki” and kaleidoscopes that takes you into an exciting joyous world!!


The Japanese world-class traditional craft of "Arita-yaki" is 400 years old this year, whereas kaleidoscopes were first created 200 years ago in the United Kingdom.
These "Arita-yaki Kaleidoscopes” are made by combining these two traditions together. the fantastic beauty of the world viewed through the peephole is needless to mention. The kaleidoscopes themselves are full of the characteristic grace of Arita-yaki and have presence enough to be called "a small museum". These Arita-yaki Kaleidoscopes that have been developed from the feeling of wanting people all over he world to be happy can be called world-first and one-of-a-kind items. The potteries that are involved with these "Arita-yaki Kaleidoscopes" are "Gen-emon Kiln" and "Koransha". Both are famous kilns that boast a long tradition and advanced skills. Also, supervision is carried out by Koji Yamami & Yasuko Nakazato, kaleidoscope artisans who play an active role in the world

Delicate and beautiful porcelain bases created by the famous kilns "Gen-emon Kiln" & "Koransha"

[Gen-emon Kiln]
The kiln was built more than 260 years ago in Arita, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan. It is a long-established pottery that has passed down traditional techniques and an early Imari ware spirit. Its items have characteristic paintings that are hand-painted one by one. The patterns allow you to feel a long history and the elegance of the deep colors used. Even if you aren't a ceramic lover, you will be able to feel its excitement.
Koransha has held the prestigious status of being "purveyors to the Imperial Household Agency" since the Meiji era. The sophisticated colors and modern patterns known as "Koransha-style" have won various awards at international exhibitions around the world. Also, its elegance and dignity which has been nurtured over a long tradition is loved by many regardless of age.

Infinitely fantastic & beautiful worlds made by 2 world-famous kaleidoscope artists

Kaleidoscope artist, Koji Yamami
Japan's leading kaleidoscope artist who, in order to promote kaleidoscopes as art both home and abroad, was the first to conduct glass kaleidoscope production courses sending many artists out to the world. At the world kaleidoscope tournament held in the US, (USA Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Convention), he has won a top prize 3 times. He is also active in title sequences for dramas, TV courses.
Kaleidoscope artist, Yasuko Nakazato
She started producing kaleidoscopes in 1998. At the world kaleidoscope tournament held in the US, (USA Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Convention), she has won a top prize 4 times. As well as having solo exhibitions around the country including at the Sendai Kaleidoscope Museum of Art, she has also appeared in the media such as on TV.

Spend a luxurious moment that will fascinate you forever
with the beauty of both Arita-yaki & kaleidoscopes

There are 3 types - a "dry type" with a chamber attached to the end of the kaleidoscope that contains moving objects which create a fascinating world, an "oil type" with objects inside the chamber that slowly move together with oil, and a "teleidoscope type" that has a crystal ball instead of a chamber through which external scenery, flowers etc is projected. Introduced below are items among the "Arita-yaki Kaleidoscopes" available are site that we especially recommend.

■Gen-emon Kiln, Somenishiki Pink Design (Dodecagonal Oil Chamber Scope)
Somenishiki is a gorgeous looking painting made by drawing a pattern onto blue & white porcelain and then subjecting it to overglaze, gold glaze etc. The gracefully shaped dodecagonal cylinder is covered all over with a lively nadeshiko pink pattern with dancing decorating lines and colors. (Price: JPY 80,000)
■Koransha, Cherry Blossom (T-Shaped Oil Wand Scope)
Cherry blossoms loved by Japanese people are represented in the painting and in the colors of the image inside. With the outside appearance and world inside, you can enjoy cherry blossoms from bud to bloom all year round. (Price: JPY 38,000)
■Left) Gen-emon Kiln, Akae Minai Flower Pattern (Hexagonal Teleidoscope)
■Center) Koransha, Cherry Blossom (Round Teleidoscope)

The left photo is of Gen-emon Kiln's "Akae Minai Flower Pattern" kaleidoscope. "Minai" is the Persian word for enamel. In empathy with Persian pottery that has delicate brushwork, bold color schemes, and a combination of delicateness and grandness, Gen-emon Kiln has uniquely arranged this Minai and made it into a series. This is an item from this series. (Price: JPY 28,000)

The center photo is of Koransha's "Cherry Blossom" kaleidoscope. Among "Arita-yaki Kaleidoscope" items in various shapes and patterns, the cherry blossom painting series is especially popular. This gem of an item has fine details such as a decorative engraved design around the tear-shaped peephole that looks like petals. (Price: JPY 20,000)

Of course, we have many other "Arita-yaki Kaleidoscope" items available on our site. Feel free to enjoy browsing our site.

A collaboration of “Arita-yaki” and kaleidoscopes that takes you into an exciting joyous world!!

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