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Wrap yourself in comfort with Imabari towels, "MAYU" & "COCOON"

Local Specialties2016.06.01

As soon as you touch this with your hand, you'll understand its soft feel like no other. Even when first using, it has a great usage sensation as it absorbs moisture well and dries well. Imabari towels are famous for there pleasant feel when used and high quality. Imabari, in the northern part of Ehime Prefecture, is well known for being Japan's largest towel production area. Here, by fusing together traditional manufacturing techniques that have continued for more than 110 years and state-of-the-art technology, towel production that focuses on usage sensation is carried out.
Among these towels, those that have passed certification standards established by the "Shikoku Towel Industrial Association" have a brand mark logo attached to them (certification mark) - this mark shows that, even among towels manufactured in Imabari, an item is of "higher quality".
"The "MAYU" and "COCOON" towels of "ORIM" we are introducing here are such Imabari towel brand items that have the certified mark attached to them.

No. 2012-752
No. 2011-583

In pursuit of "luxurious comfort"
"ORIM" towels - proposing a new standard

Towels are an indispensable item for daily life, from washing your face in the morning, to evening bath time. Also, as they are items you use everyday, usage sensation is something that you want to pay proper attention to.

"ORIM", who are involved in the creation of "MAYU" and "COCOON" Imabari towels, is a manufacturer that produces and sells luxurious towels and other bath goods that bring exquisite relaxation to your lifestyle. It realizes high-quality towels with never-experienced before volume and feel against the skin through a high level of processing techniques and, promoting a company theme of technique enhancement, continues to research new technologies everyday to support comfort, cleanliness and sustainability necessary for towels and bath goods.

Made using high grade "Supima" cotton
With a thorough high-quality feel against the skin, you'll clearly recognize the difference

In addition to advanced processing techniques born from repeated everyday research, "ORIM" uses the luxury cotton "Supima" in both its "MAYU" and "COCOON" items. Among all the cotton produced around the world, Supima accounts for only around 0.5% of the cotton picked. Compared to normal cotton, its fibers are finer and longer and items manufactured with it feature a silk-like soft texture, natural beautiful luster and gentle feel. Also, it is wonderfully practical as it is durable, moisture-absorbing and resistant to fluffing up, making it the perfect material for towels.

"MAYU", boasting luxurious volume & an exquisite feel
"COCOON", with a gentle sensation when wrapped around the skin

  • MAYU Bath Towels
  • COCOON Bath Towels

This site sells "MAYU" bath/face towels and "COCOON" bath/shower/face towels, two luxurious towel series of ORIM, who are involved in the manufacture of Imabari towels. "MAYU" items are the highest quality towels that aim for ultimate softness & lightness as well as volume. "COCOON" items allow you to enjoy a luxurious mood with plenty of soft volume that feels like you're wrapped in a bath robe. Each are available in 11 colors. Of course, both "MAYU" and "COCOON" items have the unique processing of "ORIM" to maintain quality for a long time, even after repeated washing.

These Imabari towels that you can use at home also make for the perfect gift.
Be sure to try these "MAYU" & "COCOON" towels.

Wrap yourself in comfort with Imabari towels, "MAYU" & "COCOON"

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