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"Kanazawa Leaf", traditional Japanese beauty essential for your everyday life.

Craft, Culture, Health/Beauty2016.07.01

As well as various craft items, gold leaf is used in temples and shrines in Japan with historic value. More than 98% of the gold leaf produced in Japan is from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Kanazawa is an area where many traditional crafts that Japan has brought to the world, such as Kutani-yaki and Kanazawa lacquerware, have been nurtured. The production of gold leaf in Kanazawa is said to have evolved due to being used in many of these traditional crafts and due to a climate which is suitable for gold leaf manufacture. Gold leaf from Kanazawa, "Kanazawa Leaf", developed as a material for craft items. At present, it has established itself as a traditional craft representative of Kanazawa. The possibilities for "Kanazawa Leaf" have expanded greatly and, as well as a material for craft items, it is now also used in architecture, interior decorations, houseware decorations, food and cosmetics. This time, we would like to introduce the manufacturing processes of "Kanazawa Leaf" and items available on our site that are made using it.

With a thinness of only 1-2/10000ths of a millimeter!
Passed down from the days of Kaga Hyakumangoku, "Kanazawa Leaf"

Gold leaf has a thinness of approximately 1-2/10000ths of a millimeter. At this thinness, a piece of gold about half the size of a 10 yen coin (approx. 2g) can be expanded to around 1.8m² in size. To expand gold to this thinness, which could be called ultimate thinness, it is essential to have excellent artisanal skills. Below is a very simple explanation of the manufacturing processes involved. After melting gold together with trace amounts of silver and copper in a crucible (a pot for melting metal) heated to 1300°C, it is poured into a mold and shaped (casting). Next, a process of extending this bar using a rolling mill is repeated around 20 times to reduce thinness to 2-3 hundredths of a millimeter and this is then cut into roughly 6cm squares (sheet metal). To make this even thinner, it is beaten to expand it to a 12cm square. This is then cut into quarters and expanded again to a size of approximately 20cm. Then this is cut into quarters one more time and further expanded (zumi-uchi). It is then put between sheets of finishing paper - at this point, it is called "uwazumi" and has a thinness of around 3/10000ths of a millimeter. Finally, to finish off, it is beaten using a gold-beating machine to a thinness of approximately 1/10000th of a millimeter.

Fusion of "Kanazawa Leaf" & Daily Use Items
iPhone covers with gold color that sparkle with traditional skills

"Kanazawa Leaf" made using these old-fashioned techniques that have been passed down through generations has recently evolved beyond being used in just traditional craft items, tableware etc. On our site, iPhone covers made under the concept of "carrying traditional beauty with you" are such items. There are many types available, such as items in Katsushika Hokusai's Mt. Fuji and wave designs, and items in designs that are very Japanese. Please note that these items on our site are for an iPhone 6/6S.

Also popular for its beauty effects
We have many cosmetics containing gold leaf too!

We also have a lineup of cosmetics that use gold leaf, which is said to be good for your beauty. Gold with a high purity is said to improve skin metabolism and promote improvement of skin problems such as blemishes and wrinkles. Also, it is said to have sterilizing, anti-inflammatory & bacteria-removing effects. In recent years, there is an increase beauty salons that incorporate gold into their facial treatment. On our site, we have a lineup of items such as oil blotting paper, cosmetic lotions, soaps, etc. How about adding a touch of traditional Japanese beauty to your everyday life with these items that contain gold leaf?

"Kanazawa Leaf", traditional Japanese beauty essential for your everyday life.

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