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A new way to enjoy Japanese tea! Blend the tea leaves of tea masters yourself!

Food , Culture2016.07.01

Since the Edo period, in Shizuoka, the largest tea production area in Japan, many "Chasho" can be found. A Chasho is a tea-making expert. Also, the work of tea leaves being blended by these Chasho is referred to as "Gogumi". The original intention of Gogumi was to safely provide tea of consistent quality. However, another form of Gogumi that aims to improve quality also exists. This is "Gogumi by Chasho". The "Blended Tea MIXCHA TAKUMI" we are introducing here is a kit that allows customers to reproduce blends created by 5 up-and-coming Chasho who have been selected from the large number found in Shizuoka. These items are born from the desire of wanting you to experience the fun and depth of tea.

The combined performances of Chasho brought to life in Shizuoka, Japan's premier tea area
"Gogumi by Chasho", even greater than the sum of its parts!!

There are 5 kinds of "MIXCHA TAKUMI" available on our site. Each has an established blend theme. Also, the 3-4 types of tea leaves contained within a set can each be deliciously drunk on their own without blending. "Gogumi by Chasho" allows you to blend these exquisite tea leaves using the recipes of tea specialists, transfiguring it into an original tasting tea. After having fun making it using the included Chasho recipe, you can also enjoy "MIXCHA TAKUMI" by blending to your preference and finding your own "unique taste".

Production areas, cultivars, production methods, mountain teas & firing
The 5 selected Chasho are each responsible for a theme

A blend of production areas - Chasho tea expert Fumio Maeda's "Ryokuryu no Sae"

With its combination of Honyama tea, Hatsukuracha tea and Kochi tea, "Ryokuryu no Sae" is a blend of production areas. It has a familiar taste with a harmonious blend of bitterness & sweetness. It is a proud gem of a product that uses traditional skills cultivated over a long time to blend and carefully roast, bringing out the unique characteristics of each of the 3 kinds of tea. The solid Honyama tea base fuses together with unfamiliar Kochi tea and Hatsukuracha tea creates balance. This harmonious blending can be called a form of art. As soon as you enjoy a mouthful of this, you'll rediscover the charm of green tea.

A blend of cultivars - Chasho tea expert Fusao Maeda's "Yasuragi no Shizuku"

A combination of cultivars that blends together Yabukita, Yutakimidori, Okumidori and Asatsuyu. A special tea blended by Chasho Fusao Maeda in commemoration of his "Ochadori Championship" on TV. In response to the presenter's question "what does tea mean to you?", his answer was "yasuragi no shizuku", in English, "a drop of peace". It places you in a calm, neutral place so you can relax - such a thought is infused in this tea.

A blend of production methods - Chasho tea expert Hiroyuki Yamanashi's "High-Temperature Manufactured Tea"

A blend of production methods that combines humidified hot air sencha, kettle-roasted tea and hojicha. All 3 types of tea are processed at high temperature, so the flavor has less bitterness and astringency, even when brewing with hot water. The combination of green tea and hojicha seems to conflict with each at first. However, the advantages of both are ascertained and ratios are adjusted, creating a tea that is very easy to drink. If you brew with cold water and leave a little while, or reduce the amount of tea leaves, add hot water and leave to brew in the tea cup for a short amount of time, its sweetness and richness will increase.

A blend of mountain teas - Chasho tea expert Hiromi Wada's "Yama no Daruma"

This is a blend of mountains teas that combines Honyama Umegashima tea, Asahina kabusecha tea and Pouchong tea. This "Yama no Daruma" is brought to you by mountain tea specialist Chasho Hiromi Wada. Kabusecha adds umami to its base of Umegashima, which has a reputation for its aroma and richness even among Honyama teas, and then Taiwanese Pouchong tea adds further aroma. To have the idea of blending Japanese tea with Taiwanese Pouchong tea it is necessary to have knowledge of teas around the world. When you want to take a step back from every day life, enjoy sipping on this and shutting your eyes.

A blend of firing - Chasho tea expert Nobuki Mori, Honoo

Finally, we'd like to introduce this blend of firing methods. As its name "Honoo" ("flame") suggests, this is a combination of a shelf, open flame and micro far-infrared types. These "flames" create an unrivalled fragrant taste. The aroma and flavor is deeper in the order of shelf-type -> open flame type -> micro far infrared type.
Conversely, a phenomenon occurs, in the reverse order, where the water becomes redder. Teas are just like people, they have advantages and disadvantages. The best part of Japanese tea is that you can luxuriously enjoy sweetness, astringency & bitterness at the same time. In order to do so, it is most important to make up for disadvantages while retaining advantages. In order not to lose out to open-flame and micro far infrared types, twice as much effort is required for the shelf type. Just like a flame, it fully displays its own personality in the heart of the person drinking it.

As you can blend it yourself, enjoyability is taken to the fullest!
However, first of all, try blending following the Chasho recipes.

  • First of all, in accordance with each included Chasho recipe, put the required amounts for each tea leaf in the can.

  • Hold the can containing the tea leaves and shake in a figure of 8 shape to mix the tea leaves.

  • If you pour down to the last drop, the tea will be all the more tasty. With MIXCHA TAKUMI you can fully taste the charm of "Gogumi by Chasho" and Japanese tea.

If you pour down to the last drop, the tea will be all the more tasty. With MIXCHA TAKUMI you can fully taste the charm of "Gogumi by Chasho" and Japanese tea.

A new way to enjoy Japanese tea! Blend the tea leaves of tea masters yourself!

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