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A beautiful casting world created by the tradition of Takaoka copperware.

Craft , Culture2016.08.01

Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, is famous for the traditional craft "Takaoka Copperware" and has flourished as one of Japan's leading metal industry areas over a period of 400 years. In this city, there are 2 attention-getting brands that add a breath of fresh air to a traditional craft. These are "naft", who create items in modern designs, and "Ginga-do", who offer Japanese-style items that suit a modern lifestyle. We would like to introduce you to the beautiful world of their delicate, dynamic cast metal items.

An "inverted Fuji", a good luck symbol, close at hand!
naft's "Flower Basin, Inverted Blue Fuji"

Mt. Fuji reflected on the surface of water is called "Sakasa Fuji", in English "Inverted Fuji". However, this is not a spectacle that can be clearly seen all the time. The sight of seeing magnificent Mt. Fuji reflected like a mirror image on the surface of a lake, possible only when the wind is calm and there are no waves, is very rare. It is very lucky to see such an exceptional view, so the sight of this "Inverted Fuji" has come to be loved by Japanese people since ancient times. An inverted Fuji can even be found on the back of a current 1000 yen bill, reflected on the surface of Lake Motosu, the westernmost of the Fuji Five Lakes. This scenery has been reproduced in "Flower Basin, Inverted Fuji" items, to bring you good luck and strength. The "Flower Basin, Inverted Fuji" comes with a pinholder so you can insert seasonal flowers and easily arrange them. The flower basin is made of cast aluminum created using a sand casting technique. There may be extremely small depressions and protrusions on the surface. However, this is a feature of the sand casting method where special sand is compacted to create a mold before removing the original shape and then pouring metal into the space. The dynamic view of flowers arranged next to the shore of a Mt. Fuji lake was the creation of naft's up-and-coming designer, Hidekazu Kainai, who has worked on a number of exterior and interior goods. The item is available in 2 colors - "Blue Fuji", which brings to mind the mountain at dawn, and "Red Fuji", which looks like the mountain at sunset. Both are colors you will not tire of that capture Mt. Fuji during a moment of extreme beauty.

Enjoy Mt. Fuji in your home with "Flower Basin, Inverted Blue Fuji"

JP¥ 4,800

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Aesthetics honed during a tense situation
Small, realistic "Sengoku Military Commander" tin chopstick rests

Silvery white, beautifully glossy tin is a metal with a flexible, carefree nature. As it stands up well to oxidization and corrosion, it has been used mainly in tableware since ancient times. This tin, with a purity of 99%, has been used to make chopstick rests that are just like an elaborate, miniature work of art. These rests use the equipment of Sengoku military commanders for their small yet realistic motifs. As these chopstick rests are made of tin, they won't break or rust and can be enjoyed for a long time. Just like the "Inverted Fuji" items, there may be extremely small depressions and protrusions on the surface. Once again, this is a feature of the same sand casting method.

Ginga-do, offering items with Japanese style that suit a modern lifestyle, has 5 kinds of these chopstick rests, each in a unique design.
Not only for protecting the head, it also has great meaning as the symbol mark for each commander - "Helmet"
As well as an item for battle, they were also highly valued as part of a collection - "Sword"
A must for riding a horse - "Saddle"
Used for signaling the advance/retreat of an army - "Drum"
A fan shaped item used for battle commands - "Gunbai"
A selection of chopstick rests in forms that are both practical and represent the honed aesthetics of military commanders during the continuously tense state of affairs known as the Warring States Period. As they come in a paulownia box, they also make for the perfect gift.

With the real equipment of military commanders used for their motifs,
"Chopstick Rests, Warrior Series, Set of 5"

JP¥ 9,800

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