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Sister items of popular black paint & white paint soap!
Globally renowned tea soap from Kyoto!


The "Kyoto Tea Soap" we are introducing here are soaps created in Kyoto that focus on the powers of tea and contain "Somei water", one of Kyoto's 3 famous clear waters. Also, these soaps are currently all the buzz, gathering attention as sister products to the very popular "Black Paint and "White Paint" soaps!
We will bring you the lowdown on the secrets behind these world-renowned high-quality tea soaps which are created, with continued commitment to being natural and organic, with a traditional Japanese naturally-derived ingredient - tea!

Winner of a Monde Selection Grand Gold award!
The blessings of the traditional Japanese natural tea give you beautiful skin

"Black Paint" soap is a brand item that has been talked about in famous magazines and a large number of social network sites as a "care for pores that will change the fate of your skin".
It is known for its product development where no pains were spared in order to bring out the power of "staphylococcus epidermis", which creates moisturizing substances and suppresses the growth of microorganisms, and give you beautiful skin that isn't over-washed. Black Paint soap is called "soap that you apply". The reason for this is that, in order to make the most of the inherent power of your skin, more than 100 kinds of plant oils and more than 50 kinds of essential oils - which are gathered from around the world and are focused on being organically certified - penetrate into pores and perform an oil massage function. When you coat like a pack using the soaps we are introducing here, the exquisite quality ingredient that will penetrate into your pores will be the traditional Japanese naturally-derived ingredient, tea.

Created by Kyoto artisans
Quality soap with condensed famous water & tea

Japanese tea contains lots of natural cosmetic ingredients such as catechins and vitamins A, C & E. It adds tone and moisture to skin, leading to skin that has translucence. By making carefully over time using a below 40 degree slowly aging "cold process method", these "Kyoto Tea Soaps" created by Kyoto artisans successfully retain nutrients such as moisturizing ingredients without loss! Also, by using "Somei water", renowned as one of Kyoto's 3 famous clear waters, genuine soaps of the highest quality that gently wash your skin have been created.

Beauty ingredients blend into the skin!
How to care using "Kyoto Tea Soap"

*"Black Paint" is being used in the photographs. However, "Kyoto Tea Soap" is used in same way.

  1. 1. First of all, soak "Kyoto Tea Soap" in water of approx. 40°C for around 2 minutes to melt the surface of the soap before use.
  2. 2. Next, apply soap to your face like a pack, avoiding the eye area. There is no need for cleansing.
    It is also fine to apply this on top of makeup.
  3. 3. Gently massage for approx.. 20 seconds by spreading it over your face to push the soap into your pores.
  4. 4. When rinsing off, tightly close eyes and properly wash with warm water! In order to make the most of the natural and organic ingredients of "Kyoto Tea Soap", it is made using a traditional method, without the inclusion of agents such as stabilizers and pH adjusters. Due to this, it may sting if it gets in your eyes.
  5. 5. Your pores will feel clean and moisturized by the plant oils. After washing, your skin will feel soft and moist.
[Winner of a Monde Selection Grand Gold award]
Just like "matcha espresso"!
"Koicha", with its mellow aroma,
is a high-grade item with a rich usage sensation.
With its fresh feel after washing, this is also popular for aging care.

Kyoto Tea Soap, Koicha

JP¥ 6,000

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Its anti-bacterial effect leads to poreless skin!
Matcha made using whole tea leaves is a treasure trove of natural cosmetic ingredients.
The anti-bacterial effect of the tea leaves
prevents pore troubles, pimples etc.

Kyoto Tea Soap, Matcha

JP¥ 5,000

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Those with delicate skin & kids can use with peace of mind!
The slight smell and sweetness
is evidence that it has been slowly matured over a long time.
After washing, your skin will feel soft and mild.

Kyoto Tea Soap, Hoji Sencha

JP¥ 5,000

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Soap sure to please when received as a gift
With a mild, rich texture.
This will bring comfort to your skin.
A soap with the elegance of gyokuro, a first class tea.

Kyoto Tea Soap, Gyokuro

JP¥ 5,000

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Effective against acne and pimples!
Sencha tea that contains lots of vitamin C
together with carefully selected beauty ingredients.
With a refreshing washing sensation.

Kyoto Tea Soap, Sencha

JP¥ 5,000

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