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Mt. Fuji Special, Part 1The wonder of the World Heritage Site, Mt. Fuji

Craft, Culture, Regional Produce2016.12.01

When it comes to symbolic places in Japan, number one has to be Mt. Fuji! Mt. Fuji was designated as a cultural World Heritage Site in 2013. Since ancient times, as well as being an object of faith, it has become a source of Japanese culture and art due to its ever-present beauty.
At WOAH! JAPAN, over four occasions starting this month, we will be telling you about the secrets and charm of Mt. Fuji, as well as the best Mt. Fuji related items! Read these WOAH! JAPAN special features about the mountain and you yourself can become a Fuji expert!

What kind of mountain is Mt. Fuji?

At a height of 3,776 meters, Mt. Fuji is the highest peak in Japan. It is an active volcano positioned on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures. Its beautiful conical shape was formed after an eruption thousands of years ago. It is said that, after repeated violent eruptions, it came close to its present form around 10,000 years ago. Its last eruption from the summit was around 2,200 years ago and last actual eruption around 300 years ago, from the mountainside. At this time, volcanic ash apparently fell down on Edo (present-day Tokyo).

Mt. Fuji sees many visitors every year. However, the mountain trail that leads from the 5th station, at an altitude of around 2,300 meters, to the summit can only be climbed for 2 months from the beginning of July to the beginning of September. In winter, in contrast to its beautiful appearance from far way, Mt. Fuji is a harsh world with an average temperature of below 20°C where raging, turbulent winds blow. Even at the warmest time of year in August, the average daily temperature is a chilly 6°C, and so is no different from climbing a tough mountain. When climbing Mt. Fuji, be sure to make sufficient preparations and take proper equipment.

WOAH! JAPAN's most popular Mt. Fuji Glass
Designed with authentic looking Mt. Fuji in the glass base. When using, you can enjoy Mt. Fuji in a variety of appearances as the color of your drink reflects off the mountain surface.

Edo Glass Mt. Fuji Glass,​ On-The-Rocks Glass,​ w/Wooden Box

JP¥ 5,000

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A masterpiece by Hokusai reproduced by Edo woodblock print!
The globally famous Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai reproduced using a Japanese traditional craft, "Edo Woodblock Printing". A masterpiece with pure white snow at the summit of the steep mountain and Prussian blue colored sky with highly skilled gradation.

Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji,​ Rainstorm Beneath the Summit

JP¥ 12,000

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Made with lots of gold leaf from Kanazawa!
Mt. Fuji and clouds are painted in a layered manner to produce a scene with depth for you to enjoy. The abstract design of Mt. Fuji catches the eye. With an auspiciously colored pattern.

3D Panel,​ Red Fuji

JP¥ 10,000

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Why Mt. Fuji was selected as a World Heritage Site

Mt. Fuji was designated a UNESCO cultural World Heritage Site in 2013. The reason that it was selected as a "cultural heritage" site, and not a "natural heritage" one, is due to the fact that Mt. Fuji has continually had a great impact on Japanese faith as well as the arts and culture.
Long ago at a time when it repeatedly erupted, Mt. Fuji became an object of faith as a place where a god of fire existed, and many shrines were created in its vicinity and ascetics gathered there. Its beautiful view was sung about in songs and painted in pictures, and the mountain became famous as its beauty came to be known by more and more people.
There a total of 25 "cultural assets" designated as a cultural World Heritage Site which include not just nature such as lakes, spring water and waterfalls created by the mountain, but also a wide range of sites such as shrines, mountain paths and buildings for ascetics. One cannot talk about Japanese culture without mentioning Mt. Fuji, and its value has now been fully recognized around the world through this designation.

A sake cup designed with World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji on its base
A 100% tin sake cup with Japan's highest peak, Mt. Fuji, as its motif. This lucky Mt. Fuji sake cup is recommended to give as a present to someone important to you.

Mt. Fuji Sake Cup,​ FUJIYAMA

JP¥ 4,600

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To commemorate its designation as a World Heritage Site!
The Mt. Fuji package is so cute! The words "World Heritage Site" in Japanese make this the perfect souvenir. A total of 12 crunches with lots of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Mt. Fuji Chocolate Crunch

JP¥ 500

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The attraction of Mt. Fuji

Everyone knows its name, yet the true face of Mt. Fuji is still shrouded in mystery. As Mt. Fuji is a solitary peak caused by a massive eruption, and not part of a range, it is exposed to wind from every direction all year round. Over time, water vapor turns into rain and snow, creating clean spring water and nurturing splendid nature.
There is only one special mountain in the world that combines such splendid beauty and dignity - Mt. Fuji.
It's nearly Christmas so, to convey your feelings to someone important to you, how about getting them a present that relates to this special mountain!

The reflection of Mt. Fuji can be seen in the water of this flower basin.
Enjoy a lovely and dynamic world around the scenery of Fuji by using flowers and branches. Recommended for those interested in plants and interior decorations.

Flower Basin,​ Inverted Blue Fuji

JP¥ 4,800

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Get as a Christmas gift! A pair of cups that beautifully sparkle with gold leaf.
Lay this down and the gold leaf at the base gives Mount Fuji a majestic appearance! An eye-catching set in delicate colors.

Mount Fuji Reishu Cold Sake Cups

JP¥ 5,000

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Get as a Christmas gift! A pair of cups that allow you to enjoy a snowy Fuji.
Lay this down and it looks like a beautiful snow-capped Mount Fuji! A fun set that you can use for drinking or for decorating.

Mount Fuji Reishu Cold Sake Cups

JP¥ 2,500

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What color to get! Colorful, gorgeous Edo glasses
Turn upside-down for a beautiful Mt. Fuji. A superb Edo glass item with a gorgeous design that has a firework-like appearance when viewed directly from above!

Teacup,​ Upside-Down Fuji

JP¥ 4,500

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Fantastic Fuji on Fukushima lacquerware!
Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom. A lacquerware folding screen designed with Japanese symbols of beauty. The colorful maki-e on the black lacquer will beautifully decorate your room.

Black Yawaragi Folding Screen,​ Sakura Fuji

JP¥ 5,000

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The auspicious design of this kutani-yaki will bring you luck!
A lucky Maneki Neko in a Mt. Fuji design. A gorgeous kutani-yaki money box.

Kutani Money Box,​ Size 5.5 Lucky Cat,​ Kisshomori Mt. Fuji

JP¥ 12,000

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