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Mt. Fuji Special, Part 3The Various Faces of Mt. Fuji

Craft, Culture, Regional Produce2017.02.01

As well as the different scenery and flowers in each season, Mt. Fuji has various other appearances also depending on the time. As it changes from moment to moment, Mt Fuji is full of majestic beauty... People have given this ever-changing Fuji names which have become popular over time. This time, we would like to introduce these names and auspices related to Mt. Fuji!

Red, Blue, Black, Upside-Down! The Various Faces of Mt. Fuji

Thanks to its prominent height, Mt. Fuji can be viewed from various locations. People, not failing to notice its different appearances, have given each appearance a name and these names have become familiar to all. Rarely viewed "Red Fuji", majestic summer "Blue Fuji" and Upside-Down Fuji" reflected on a water's surface are particularly auspicious, and have been painted in pictures and used as good luck symbols. Other names include "Diamond Fuji" when the sun is aligned with the mountain summit, "Pearl Fuji" when a full moon is aligned with the summit, "Crimson Fuji" when crowned in snow and lit up by the morning sun, as well as "Black Fuji", "Shadow Fuji", "Front Fuji" and "Back Fuji". Upon finding out about these names, you can truly understand how much this mountain has been loved by people since ancient times.

A new item this February!
An auspicious drinking glass set
carefully crafted by Edo artisans.
Authentic sake cups individually engraved by artisans who continue the tradition of Edo Kiriko. Comes with a wooden box.

Edo Glass,
Engraved Glass Fuji, Drinking Glass (Blue/Red Fuji Set)


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Blue Fuji & Red Fuji items can also be purchased individually.

A Symbol of Happiness, “Red Fuji”

Mt. Fuji colored by the early morning sun from around late summer to early fall is called “Red Fuji”. Being able to see this is a very limited opportunity that requires certain weather and timing. Among all views of Mt. Fuji, this is said to be a particularly auspicious one.
Those who wish to increase their luck should keep “Red Fuji” items by their side!

With a gorgeous, elaborate coloration!
An Arita-yaki Mt. Fuji glass
This red Mt. Fuji glass uses bamboo as its inspiration. Its wonderful design also makes it easy to hold. Other than shochu, you can also use this for other drinks of your preference.

Takumi no Kura, Supreme Shochu Glass, Red Mt. Fuji


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The double-layer construction provides cold/heat insulation!
A titanium tumbler perfect for beer
You‘ll be enthralled by the auspicious, shining Red Fuji landscape. This HORIE tumbler is popular for its high quality design which includes a rim thinness of just 0.7mm and double-layer construction with wonderful cold/heat insulation.

Titanium Cup, Basic Red Fuji


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So impressive!
A dynamic Red Fuji created using a traditional technique.
Red Mt. Fuji is created using a traditional technique known as "chinkin" which combines carving, gold and lacquer. A masterpiece that depicts a vividly contrasting Red Fuji which is said to bring luck.

Panel Art, Rectangular w/Wood Frame, Chinkin Red Fuji


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Majestic in Summer, “Blue Fuji”

Mt. Fuji in summer with a crisp looking bluish mountain surface is known as “Blue Fuji”.
The majesty of its snowless summit is enough to take your breath away. As Mt. Fuji is usually capped in snow, this rare Blue Fuji is also an auspicious scene.

The transparency of Hasami-yaki is beautiful!
A sake cup you can enjoy drinking from or as a decoration.
A popular Hasami-yaki item. Place upside-down and this becomes a beautiful Mt. Fuji. When you’ve finished your drink, you’ll see the cute abstract design Fuji on the bottom. Get in a set together with “Sometsuke Mt. Fuji Katakuchi Cup, Blue”.

Sometsuke Mt. Fuji Sake Cup, Blue


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We have lots more currently popular Hasami-yaki “Mt. Fuji” tableware.

Enjoy 2 Fujis, “Upside Fuji”

”Upside-Down Fuji" can only be viewed on days with good weather that aren’t windy when the mountain has a crisp appearance. Grand Mt. Fuji reflected on a lake's surface like a mirror reflection sparkles brilliantly, promising a fantastic future.

An auspicious red Fuji & upside-down Fuji for double the luck!
A Red Fuji flower basin. Enjoy the condensed world that depicts dynamic scenery of Fuji reflected on the surface of water.

Flower Basin, Upside-Down Fuji, Red Fuji


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The refreshing, powerful Blue Fuji &
the Upside-Down Fuji will elevate your luck!
A Blue Fuji flower basin. This color of Mt. Fuji has outstanding presence when used as an interior decoration.

Flower Basin, Upside-Down Fuji, Blue Fuji


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Mt. Fuji can also be found on here!
Other Mt. Fuji Items.

With a cute irregular Mt. Fuji design.
In bright colors that make this popular around the world
A collaboration between the unique design of an art student and Edo Sensu fans. This authentic fan made of washi paper and bamboo has won a GOOD DESIGN award.

Nihonichi, Women's Fan


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The clear sound & Red Fuji
will attract good luck!
”Edo Wind Chimes” which have become a popular feature of summer with an auspicious hand-painted Red Fuji picture.

Edo Wind Chime, Red Fuji


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