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Exquisite soup curry! Ikameshi! Scallops!
Hokkaido Gourmet Special Feature < Part One >

Food, Regional Produce2017.02.13

Just like Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka, Hokkaido is also a popular sightseeing area for visitors to Japan. The secrets behind this popularity include its grand nature, bubbling hot springs and pure white snow landscapes. Among its attractions, the unique and exquisite gourmet of Hokkaido is very popular among foreign visitors.
In this special feature we would like to introduce the abundant local gourmet foods of Hokkaido in two parts! First of all, in this first part, please enjoy the delicious foods of Hokkaido to your heart's content.

Right now, soup curry from Sapporo is hot!

When it comes to Hokkaido, there are many out there who think of ramen! However, did you know that "soup curry" is also a very popular dish?
With its spicy, smooth soup and large, abundant ingredients, soup curry is a popular, classic dish that was born in Sapporo more than 45 years ago. Japanese curry is usually thick and served with white rice. However, soup curry can be deliciously enjoyed as a stand-alone dish that contains lots of ingredients, as well as with rice. Also, as it contains lots of vegetables and a blend of various spices, it is also currently gaining increased attention as a healthy food!
This time, we would like to introduce some specialty soup curries from the authentic restaurant "YOSHIMI", who has its main store in Susukino, a popular downtown area of Sapporo.

Enjoy 2 tastes of a Sapporo soup curry specialist store at home!

Here are some items that allow you to taste authentic soup curry at home with your family! Also, thanks to the cute packaging, these make for the perfect gifts. The special bouillon which brings out the tastes of the ingredients is slowly simmered for 6 hours and, after allowing to stand overnight, makes for a superb soup. Chicken on the bone is so soft that it falls off the bone. Two kinds of luxurious soup curries that use Hokkaido potatoes, vegetables and plenty of pork.

The soft potato & soup are exquisite!
An authentic type that allows you to enjoy soft chicken on the bone and the rich aroma of curry paste spice.

[Hokkaido Only] YOSHIMI Soup Curry [Potato Chicken]

JP¥ 973

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A bouillon with chunky meat & lots of vegetables
A deep flavored soup curry with large pieces of thick pork steak that have been lightly marinated in salt to bring out flavor and then stewed.

[Hokkaido Only] YOSHIMI Soup Curry [Pork Steak Vegetables]

JP¥ 973

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Delicious inventions that come from Hokkaido's gourmet food, soup curry!

Sapporo's specialty soup curry has been turned into popular souvenirs. The spicy flavors of a specialist store are used to create these fragrant stick senbei which have become very popular!
Popular Sapporo souvenirs loved by all. These also go great with beer. If you don't stock up on these, you'll be fighting over them and they'll be gone before you know it!

Spicy stick-type fried senbei
With piquant spiciness and an addictive flavor. Its taste which fully brings out the aroma of spices goes great with beer.

Sapporo Curry Senbei Kari-Kari Mada Aru?

JP¥ 600

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When it comes to Ekiben in Japan, all think of Hokkaido's "Ikameshi"!

One of the delights of traveling by train in Japan is “Ekiben”, lunch boxes sold at train stations. Ekiben allow travelers to easily enjoy local specialties and are a popular food that, for many, are reason enough to travel.
Among these, the “Ikameshi” of Abeshoten sold at Mori Station on the Hakodate Line has a taste representative of Hokkaido that has unwavering popularity at national Ekiben contests! Currently, this famous "Ikameshi" Ekiben from Abeshoten is specially on sale at WOAH! JAPAN!

The original Ekiben! “Ikameshi” that can be enjoyed at home.
Simply warm up this ikameshi lunch box, a specialty that originates from Hokkaido, to enjoy at home.

[Hokkaido Only] Ikameshi Abeshoten, Ikameshi

JP¥ 870

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Fresh Hokkaido scallops filled with nutrition!

Scallops are carefully raised in Hokkaido’s abundant natural environment. Among all the plentiful, varied fresh seafood of Hokkaido, large, tasty scallops are definitely something that seafood fans should not miss. Easily enjoy their profound taste in a soup or as a snack.

A soup containing lots of Hokkaido scallop
This luxurious homemade soup made using Hokkaido scallops allows you to easily enjoy scallop chowder at home.

Hokkaido Scallop Chowder Soup (Set of 4)

JP¥ 1,000

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The more you chew, the more flavor comes out!
These fritter senbei have lots of delicious ingredients from the sea and fields kneaded into them. With extravagant use of scallop and an addictive spicy taste!
Hogaja, Cheese (Large) , Hogaja, Bacon & Salmon (Large) also available.

Hogaja (Large)

JP¥ 1,200

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Those who try it once are hooked for life! Japanese Ramen Special Feature

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