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White chocolate! Tokibi sweetcorn! Yubari melon!
Hokkaido Gourmet Special Feature < Part Two >

Food, Regional Produce2017.03.21

In part one of our Hokkaido Gourmet Special Feature, we introduced dishes such as very popular soup curry, the Ekiben classic ikameshi and the food that comes to mind when all think of Hokkaido seafood, scallops.
In this long-awaited part two, we would like to introduce lots of superb sweets unique to Hokkaido! With both part one and part two, you can surround yourself with delicious Hokkaido dishes, desserts and snacks all day long!

The secrets behind the delicious taste of Hokkaido’s white chocolate

Chocolate is made by mixing the main ingredient of cacao mass, fermented & roasted cocoa beans, together with cocoa butter, sugar, dairy products etc. White chocolate is made using only the white ingredient inside of cacao mass - cocoa butter.
White chocolate from Hokkaido is delicious because quality diary products are easy to obtain and it has a refreshing climate with low humidity which is suitable for chocolate making. Here we have a selection of cute items that make the perfect small souvenir!

Whole Japanese strawberries are freeze-dried!
Made 100% using fine Japanese strawberries that have been crisply freeze-dried! Coated in milky, smooth white chocolate.

Strawberry Truffle White Chocolate


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A slightly bitter chocolate that brings to mind a snow crystal!
Flaked cacao nibs blended together with white chocolate. The flavorsome taste and texture are superb.

Hokkaido White Chocolate Kirayuki


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White chocolate sandwiched between almond cookies!
This popular sweet has rich white chocolate inserted between crisp almond cookies. This pack of 27 is great value for money.

Tancho Cookie


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What is Tokibi?

Tokibi is delicious sweetcorn that is sweet and has an irresistibly bouncy texture. Hokkaido produces the most amount of sweetcorn in Japan! Also, an expansive land area which receives plenty of sunshine and the temperature difference between day & night is said to make Hokkaido sweetcorn the most delicious in Japan.
Here, we’d like to introduce a range of snacks packed with this delicious Hokkaido corn!

With the fragrant aroma of grilled sweetcorn & soy sauce!
The flavor of this okaki is “grilled corn”, a specialty of Sapporo. So delicious that you’ll involuntarily say “oh!” upon eating it.

Sapporo Okaki Oh! Grilled Corn

10 Bags


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6 Bags


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Sweetcorn coated in quality white chocolate!
Golden colored corn covered with quality white chocolate. The taste is filled with the grace and affection of the north.

Corn Chocolate



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With enhanced fragrance!
The sweetness of white chocolate is restrained to bring out the flavor of corn, and peanuts are added, making for a premium taste.

Corn Chocolate Premium


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Yubari Melon

You can’t think of melon without thinking of Yubari, and vice versa. Yubari melon is a famous brand of melon, not just in Japan, but all over the world. The good drainage of the volcanic ash soil and night & day temperature difference of the Yubari area helps grow vivid red colored, soft, sweet, juicy fruit. Also, beautifully round Yubari melons are filled with the affection of Yubari farmers, as they are patiently and carefully handled from the beginning of cultivation to packaging.

Made using ripe Yubari melon!
A slightly luxurious dessert that is made using the ripe flesh of Yubari melons. This wonderful item has been the no.1 mid-year gift (in the category of sweets) from Hokkaido for 12 years!

Yubari Melon Pure Jelly


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20 bite-size pieces of very popular jelly!
This very popular jelly has even appeared in TV programs. The flavor of Yubari Melon Pure Jelly in bite-size form. Enjoy the texture of melon!

Yubari Melon Petit Gold


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