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Japanese Cherry Blossom Special Feature

Craft, Culture, Regional Produce2017.04.03

Right now in Japan, it is the height of the cherry blossom season. Japanese cherry blossom never ceases to fascinate people around the world, so much so that there are those who say that Japan during cherry blossom season is one of the most beautiful places on Earth! In this special feature, we would like to introduce pieces of knowledge related to Japanese cherry blossom, ways that Japanese people enjoy cherry blossom, such as Hanami and night cherry blossom viewing, and recommended cherry blossom spots.

Cherry Blossom Knowledge – Somei Yoshino

  • Somei Yoshino
    Cherry Blossom

  • Kawazu
    Cherry Blossom

  • Double-Flower
    Cherry Blossom

  • Weeping
    Cherry Blossom

For only a few weeks a year, cherry blossom come gorgeously into bloom and then beautifully fall to the ground. When it comes to Japanese cherry blossom, a type that many think of which is often seen by rivers and in parks is called “Somei Yoshino” cherry blossom. Somei Yoshino is a hybrid created over 150 years ago in the village of Somei, Tokyo. It was named "Somei Yoshino" after the famous cherry blossom of Yoshino, Nara.
In Japan, there are over 600 varieties of cherry blossom, such as “double-flowered cherry blossom" which has frill-like overlapping petals, "Kawazu cherry blossom” which starts to bloom in February and “weeping cherry blossom" which has lots of flowers gently blooming in drooping willow-like branches.

Very popular cherry blossom pattern!
Don't miss out on this on-the-rocks glass
The Mt. Fuji base and dancing cherry blossoms are beautiful! The color of your drink will be reflected on the surface of the mountain so you can enjoy various appearances of Mt. Fuji.

[Very Rare!]
Edo Glass, Mt. Fuji Glass, Sakura Pattern On-The-Rocks Glass in Wooden Box


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A wonderfully easy-to-grip Arita-yaki glass
In a bamboo node design
This Arita-yaki shochu glass has the wonderful insulation and functionality of bamboo incorporated into its design. The gorgeous colors and fine cherry blossom pattern catch the eye.

Takumi no Kura,​ Supreme Shochu Glass,​ Somei-Yoshino


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Spring has come to your home!
A mug designed with dancing cherry blossom petals and gold.
These mugs depict cherry blossoms - the very symbol of Japan. A superb item made at the Kozan kiln of Hiroaki Yamazaki, a Kutani-yaki traditional craftsman.

Hiroaki Yamazaki, Mug Pair Set (Sakura)


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A spring-like Kiyomizu-yaki matcha tea cup with bold cherry blossom depicted on a nuanced base.
This matcha tea cup has a bold yet smart cherry blossom pattern on a Ninsei base which makes use of the styles of Ninsei Nonomura, who has had great influence on Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki.

Matcha Tea Cup, Cherry Blossom


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Drinking tea will be more fun!
A cherry blossom pattern teacup you’ll want to use everyday.
The straight lines of this large teacup allow it to fit comfortably in your hand while you enjoy its refined cherry blossom pattern on the white porcelain. The gold decorating the rim and base is gorgeous.

Large Teacup, Cherry Blossom


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Various ways to enjoy cherry blossom

  • Senso-ji Temple & cherry blossom

  • People viewing cherry blossoms in the park

  • Osaka Castle & cherry blossoms at night

In Japan, lots of people go out for “Hanami” when cherry blossom season comes around. Families, couples, coworkers and friends get together under the cherry blossoms and pass the time talking while enjoying delicious food. There are various ways for people to enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms, such as sightseeing from a pleasure boat and viewing illuminated cherry blossoms at night while strolling about. There are wonderful Hanami spots in each area of Japan where lots of wonderful cherry blossom trees can be found, such as in large parks and in the grounds of shrines, temples and castles. The custom of Hanami in Japan is said to come from an ancient event where farmers prayed for a good harvest. These days, the number of people involved directly with agriculture has declined. However, despite its short season, Hanami has become an unmissable spring event for Japanese people, so much so that there are even those who do it multiple times. Whether in the daytime or in the evening, Hanami is so much fun!

Beer will become more delicious!
With a cute cherry blossom petal pattern which is also on the inner side!
Pour a can of beer into this glass to enjoy mild foam. A premium glass for further enjoying the deliciousness of beer.

Takumi no Kura, Premium Beer Glass, Sakura Day


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A cherry blossom nighttime version with a Hanami mood!
A popular Arita-yaki premium glass
A night cherry blossom version of a premium glass that allows you to further enjoy the deliciousness of beer. The silver colored surface exudes a unique appearance.

Takumi no Kura, Premium Beer Glass, Silver Night Sakura


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A beautiful cherry blossom pattern on a titanium base!
An all-titanium premium tumbler
The dual vacuum structure of the titanium increases insulation ability. The edge has a thickness of 0.7mm that provides a natural feel against the mouth and allows you to enjoy the flavor of drinks.

Titanium Cup, Premium, Crystal Flower Decoration
<Cherry Blossom Pattern>


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A sparkling sky colored tumbler with a clear cherry blossom pattern emerging from it!
An all-titanium premium tumbler in a refreshing sky color. Enjoy its great insulation and edge thinness in a different color.

Titanium Cup, Premium Basic Color
(Sky Color)


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Cherry Blossom Sightseeing Spots In Japan

  • Saitobaru Kofungun Cherry Blossom & Rape Blossoms (Miyazaki)

  • Kintai Bridge (Yamaguchi)

Throughout Japan, there are many places famous for cherry blossom. As the Japanese archipelago extends over a long distance north to south, the cherry blossom season differs from region to region. Furthest south, in Okinawa, cherry blossom starts to bloom in January, in Kyushu, Shikoku and parts of Honshu west of Tokyo, from the end of March to the beginning of April, and then in Tohoku and Hokkaido from the middle of April to May - there are even some who travel to follow the cherry blossom on its journey.
The period for viewing genuine cherry blossom is very short, but there is no need to feel lonely... In Japan, there are many traditional crafts that reproduce the beauty of cherry blossom. Cherry blossom come into bloom and then quickly fall to the ground at the same time. This is perhaps why their beauty is seared into the minds of people.
Different crafts depict cherry blossoms in different ways - collect them and enjoy their wonder in your own home.

  • Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

  • Arashiyama (Kyoto)

  • Yoshino (Nara)

  • Mt. Fuji from Arakurayamaasama Park (Yamanashi)

  • Sumida River & Skytree (Tokyo)

  • Hirosaki Castle (Aomori)

The carefully painted cherry blossom is beautiful.
An Aizu-nuri lacquerware sake cup!
This gold sake cup has gold powder sprinkled on its surface. On top of this, famous Japanese flower cherry blossoms are depicted.

Gold Leaf 2.2 Small Sake Cup, Sakura & Field


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Splendid hand-painted weeping cherry blossom!
Comes with a stand, so you can practically use it or show it off!
A sake cup finished with a traditional Aizu lacquerware technique called keshi-kinji. The beautiful hand-painted cherry blossom pattern is perfect for use as both an interior decoration and an actual cup.

3.9 Single Sake Cup, Vermilion & Gold Leaf, Sakura (w/Stand), 2


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Enjoy cherry blossom all year round!
A popular Arita-yaki kaleidoscope series
The cylinder has a fine, feminine curved shape and a cherry blossom pattern on it. Look through this 2 mirror system kaleidoscope and see slowly moving flower-like objects.

Arita-Yaki Kaleidoscope, Koransha, Cherry Blossom


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Dyed using a traditional technique.
A cherry blossom pattern tenugui with Edo chic!
A tenugui dyed using the traditional method of Nagaita-Chugata which is used for dyeing yukata. The combination of several classic patterns allows you to enjoy different looks depending on how you fold it.

Edo Tenugui Hand Towel, Patchwork Sakurazukushi


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