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Cosmetics you can use down to the last drop!
C'BON Special Feature


Caring for skin is an everyday must. As it is something you continue to do, it's natural to think that you want to get close to your ideal skin, even just a little. However, there is surely a surprisingly large amount of those who go from item to item, trying various kinds of cosmetics and never coming across one that makes them think "this is it!"
This time, we would like to introduce very popular skincare series and hair care series items from C'BON, a cosmetics manufacturer that has helped support the beauty of Japanese women for over 50 years.
Take the first step toward skin beauty with this lineup that has the characteristic "high-quality, high-performance" of C'BON, who is committed to research and development to bring you cosmetics that satisfyingly "can be used down to the last drop“!

What is C'BON?

C'BON was born more than 50 years ago, in 1966, as “a company that imagines and produces beauty”. In these 50 years, year by year it has increased toward a trend of focusing on the skin troubles of modern women making advances in society who think "I want to age beautifully".

In this age, C'BON brings:
・Commitment to "quality", sparing no effort in selecting the very best ingredients from the several thousands available.
・Commitment to water, using pure clean distilled water refined over several steps.
・Commitment to “efficacy”, evolving products that reflect vast amounts of data and opinion.
Through the great importance it places on these 3 types of commitment toward products, it has produced several popular long-selling items.

Furthermore, C'BON has more than 100 directly managed stores throughout Japan, and is known for its beauty service through home care and salon care. Almost everything, from skincare item research to manufacture, sales and after-sales service, is performed in-house. Its factory in Tochigi Prefecture has a "Research & Development Center" and a "production system", and features many female staff members.

Its passion for "wanting to be fully responsible for the customer's skin" and "wanting customers to use their items down to the last drop", as well as technological capabilities built up since its foundation, has meant that C'BON has continued to produce unique high-quality, high-performance skincare items.

Very popular cleansing cream loved since it first when on sale
“C'BON Ability Treatment Masser”
(Ability Series)

In the Ability Series, which pursues the root causes of skin aging and functional skincare based on the skin mechanism and accumulated skin data, there are 6 items in total.
It's a proud aging care series that aims to awaken the natural beauty of the skin and nurture youthful looking skin.

■C'BON Ability common ingredients
Glycine soja (soybean) germ extract:
Contains polyamine which intensively supports the skin's rhythm.
Inositol: A vitamin-B-like ingredient extracted from rice bran that is essential for creating beautiful skin.
9 types of amino acid: In a unique balance, natural moisturizing elements anchor moisture firmly in the stratum corneum.

Enters pores and dissolves makeup!
A highly practical cleansing & massage cream containing beauty ingredients!
When you blend this white cream containing squalane into your skin, its unique “quick-breaking formulation” quickly turns it into an oil state! Properly removes dirt and makes your skin moist! A versatile cream that can also be used for massaging.

C'BON Ability Treatment Masser

JP¥ 3,600

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When you feel the effects of this cleansing & massage cream on your skin, we recommend using together with other series items such as the rich serum-like C'BON Ability Essence Lotion, the C'BON Ability Moist Gel with refreshing gel that quickly melts deep into the skin, and the C'BON Ability C Lotion which penetrates every corner of the stratum corneum. See all C'BON Ability Series items which intensively care for signs of aging HERE!

Removes impurities from pores & leads to toned, firm, glossy hair.
“C'BON Kanbisei Scalp Cleansing Oil”
(Kanbisei Series)

Something that affects the appearance of a woman is hair volume. In the Kanbisei Series, which combats hair & scalp changes due to aging aiming to provide you with airy volume and glossy, beautiful hair, a total of 5 items have been developed.
Containing the same plant-derived ingredients, the series items tone the scalp environment, leading to a healthy scalp and lustrous hair.

■Common plant-derived ingredients (Shampoo, Treatment, Essence)
Eriobotrya japonica leaf extract: Contains saponins & tannins which tone up the scalp.
Sophora flavescens extract: Protects scalp roughness, preventing dandruff & itchiness.
Dipotassium glycyrrhizate: An ingredient extracted from licorice root that makes it easier for nutrients to be delivered to hair roots.

This is the cleansing oil you've been looking for! Can also be used on dry hair!
A cleansing oil that cleanly removes scalp stickiness and pore impurities. Handy for using before shampooing! The herb fragrance has a relaxing effect.

C'BON Kanbisei Scalp Cleansing Oil

JP¥ 3,600

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After properly removing dirt with the scalp cleansing oil, C'BON Kanbisei Scalp Shampoo and C'BON Kanbisei Scalp Treatment from the Kanbisei Series can be used to gently care for the hair while providing it with tone and texture.
For better effects, use with items in the same series, such as the medicated hair tonic C'BON Kanbisei Scalp Essence EX for nurturing voluminous, thick hair and the hair treatment C'BON Kanbisei Natural Glow Oil that you don't need to rinse out.
See all C'BON Kanbisei Series items which help nurture a healthy scalp & beautiful, glossy hair HERE!

Forever young! Skincare that fulfills the wishes of men
“Facialist Homme Series”

The “Facialist Homme Series” is a simple 3-step skincare series recommended for men with busy work and private lives who tend to suffer from oiliness.
The series project team performed thorough analysis using the real opinions of women who want their men to have a certain kind of skin as a reference. Precisely formulated ingredients that bring you "cleanliness" and "youth" spread smoothly across the skin!

■Common ingredients that provide quick care to men's skin troubles.
Royal jelly acid: Protects skin from sebum troubles.
Green tea extract: Extracted from leaves & branches
Lemongrass extract: Gently cares for skin.
Rooibos extract: Prevents skin roughness & damage.
Hyaluronan: Retains moisture.

All you need for face washing & shaving! Cleanly washes away oil from pores.
An easy-push face wash with a pump that can be operated with one hand. Fine foam penetrates deep into the pores and properly removes impurities.

Facialist Homme Sebum Wash

JP¥ 3,000

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Blends in smoothly & refreshingly moisturizes, leading to resilient, toned skin!
A lotion for toning unprotected skin after face washing. With its refreshing usage sensation, this retains moisture, gently cares for the skin and prevents roughness.

Facialist Homme Vital Lotion

JP¥ 3,400

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Provides tone & resilience to men's skin, for a youthful looking complexion!
An aging care essence that provides support to adult male skin. It adds suppleness to areas which often show aging signs, such as the eyes & mouth, and protects your skin from dryness and irritation.

Facialist Homme Active Essence

JP¥ 4,000

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We have many more items! See C'BON Items HERE

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