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These are must-see! Recommended Tokyo Spots Special Feature
Asakusa, Ueno, Skytree Version

Culture, Craft, Regional Produce2017.05.15

With so many sightseeing spots, wherever you go in Tokyo you’ll have fun. If you are sightseeing and only have a limited time, you may have trouble choosing where to go though. Therefore, this time we would like to introduce recommended spots with a focus on Asakusa and Ueno, which are fairly near to the "Tokyo Skytree", the highest tower in the world, and allow you to experience both the old and modern culture of Edo/Tokyo, as well currently talked-about items that are carefully crafted by artisans. Please enjoy the feel of the big city of Tokyo, which even now overflows with a downtown mood!


  • Kaminarimon, Senso-ji Temple

  • Sanja Matsuri

  • Senso-ji & Tokyo Skytree

The first place that comes to mind when thinking of the most famous spots in Tokyo is Senso-ji, a temple famous for its Kaminarimon gate. At the adjacent Asakusa Shrine, the "Sanja Matsuri", where many mikoshi shrines are paraded around, is held every year for 3 days including the third Sunday of May. Please experience this lively festival that allows you to feel the excitement of downtown! From Senso-ji Temple and nearby Sumida River, the view of the Tokyo Skytree when illuminated is simply wonderful!

Enjoy 2 types - koshian & custard!
A classic Tokyo souvenir, ningyo-yaki. Each shape is carefully one by one using the downtown festivals of Tokyo as the theme. Contains 9 each of koshian and custard for a total of 18.

Edo Matsuri Ningyo-Yaki Assortment

JP¥ 1,000

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A handy small box that contains 6!
This small box type containing 6 is easy for handing out as a souvenir. With refined custard hidden inside.

Edo Matsuri Ningyo Yaki,​ Custard,​ 6

JP¥ 417

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A value pack of 18 with well-balanced dough and adzuki bean paste!
With no water used in the dough. Instead it has lots of fresh egg. Enjoy its moist texture.

Edo Festival Doll Cake (L)

JP¥ 1,000

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The classic Edo souvenir!
Special koshian made for the purpose of Edo festivals wrapped inside a moist dough. A handy pack of 10.

Edo Festival Doll Cake (S)

JP¥ 600

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Senso-ji, with its beautiful contrast of crimson & white.
A popular piece from the "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo" of ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige. The clouds are created using a technique called "karazuri" which doesn't use paint and gives it a unique appearance.

One Hundred Famous Views of Edo,​ Kinryusan Temple at Asakusa

JP¥ 12,000

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The liveliness of Asakusa in the Edo period is reproduced.
Sarukawa-machi is a street in Asakusa where there are lots of theaters. This is a masterpiece of Utagawa Hiroshige that reproduces the hustle & bustle of the times in soothing colors.

One Hundred Famous Views of Edo,​ Night View of Sarukawa-Machi

JP¥ 12,000

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  • The National Museum of Western Art

  • Ameyoko

  • Shinobazu Pond

If you get off at Ueno station, spread out immediately to its west is Ueno Park, home of many cultural facilities such as various museums. Ueno Park is a very famous cherry blossom viewing spot yet is also a place where you can see Shinobazu Pond which is filled with lotus flowers. A total of around 400 different kinds of 3000 animals are kept at Ueno Zoo, the oldest zoo in Japan. After leisurely enjoying Ueno Zoo, we recommend going to the shopping street "Ameyoko" which follows along the JT train tracks. After enjoying Ueno, how about going on over to the 634 meter high Tokyo Skytree, which allows you to overlook Tokyo from a very high position, and enjoying a view of the city at night?! Asakusa is located west of Tokyo Skytree, right next to the Sumida River, and 2 kilometers beyond there is Ueno - try to find them!

Cute! Tasty! Panda choco!
With a panda’s face on top of 2 layers of strawberry and crunch! The package is also cute, so this 8 pack of chocolate sweets is sure to please when received as a souvenir!

Tokyo Ueno Panda Crunch

JP¥ 500

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●Recommended souvenirs from the "Tokyo Skytree", a place you'll definitely want to go to if you visit Tokyo.

The individual packages add cuteness to your teatime!
Cheese-flavored crepes that have been rolled and baked. In handy individual packages. Enjoy the crispy texture which creates an elegant teatime. Contains 12.

Tokyo Skytree Cheese Crepe Roll

JP¥ 650

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You'll want to keep hold of the package of this Tokyo souvenir.
A set of cookies inspired by the lighting of Tokyo Skytree. A total of 20 that includes "Crepe Roll Cookies", "Langue de Chat" and "Print Cookies".

Tokyo Skytree Assorted Cookies

JP¥ 1,000

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The package shows the Skytree soaring into the Tokyo sky.
Printed cookies that allow you to enjoy the history of Tokyo Skytree. Milk cookies that can easily be enjoyed by all. Contains 18.

Tokyo Skytree History Cookie

JP¥ 800

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Slightly sophisticated tasting soft cakes!
Two cakes – cheese and chocolate. Contains 18 sweets with a mature touch.

Tokyo Skytree Cheese & Chocolate Cakes

JP¥ 800

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Topped with fragrant almonds!
Baked without the use of egg yolk and features a thin, crisp, light texture. Topped with fragrant almonds. A wonderful value pack of 32.

Tokyo Skytree Langue de Chat

JP¥ 1,000

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Very popular Tokyo Skytree certified sweets!
White chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat. A Tokyo Skytree certified product with the Tokyo Skytree stamped on the surface.

Tokyo Skytree Hatsusora Langue

JP¥ 600

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An artisanal town since the Edo period -  Superb items made in Sumida

Sumida, the location of the Skytree, has been a town of artisans since the Edo period. Even now, various traditional crafts are created throughout these streets that overflow with a working class feel.
This time, from among all these artisans, we'd like to introduce "Hirota Glass" and "Uno Hake Brush Factory" who both have a history of over 100 years! Fashionable tableware and a rich selection of brushes will take your everyday life to the next level. These are superb items recommended for those customers looking for the real deal.

Hirota Glass

Hirota Glass is a long-established factory that has been making glasses since its foundation for more than 120 years in Sumida, Tokyo. It collaborates with up-and-coming designers while placing importance on traditional techniques such as Edo Kiriko and traditional patterns that have been popular for many years, creating delicate, beautiful glass items one after the other. Among these items, the "Taisho Roman Glass" series is a very popular series of items with a milky color and retro texture.

A wine glass with a stylish modern checkered pattern!
This milk colored glass that features a soothing retro texture is recommended not just for drinking at home, but also as a high-quality gift.

Taisho Roman Glass,​ Wine Glass,​ Checkered

JP¥ 5,000

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A refreshing looking Tokusa pattern iced tea glass.
A milk colored glass born from the proficient skills of artisans and a precise pattern mold. Features a simple design which emphasizes the colors of drinks such as dark colored green tea.

Taisho Roman Glass,​ Iced Tea Glass,​ Tokusa

JP¥ 2,500

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A sake pourer and cup that create an auspicious kokeshi!
Put the sake cup on top of the pourer and it looks like a cute kokeshi doll! A cute set that you can use practically or as an interior decoration. The chenille pattern on the glass surface adds a chic accent.

Taisho Roman Glass,​ Kokeshi-Style Sake Set,​ Chenille

JP¥ 8,000

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Uno Hake Brush Factory

Also located in Sumida, Uno Hake Brush Factory boasts a history of 100 years. Each brush hair is carefully hand-planted one by one, using natural hairs that are the most suitable for each intended purpose. The brush hairs don't come out easily and the items are durable. As brushes are used directly on important clothing and delicate skin, it is best to choose ones that have assured quality.

Once you try this hand-crafted brush, you won't be able to do without it!
A soft type clothing brush made using gentle horse hair. With a slim handle that makes for easy holding and easy use. Use to care for your important clothes.

Slim Handle Clothing Brush / For Wool

JP¥ 10,000

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This is the face-washing brush you've been wanting!
A face-washing brush made using goat hair which is fine, gentle and smooth. Thanks to the soft goat hair, you can enjoy a face-washing time which soothes the tiredness built up over a day.

Very Popular! Soft Goat Hair Face-Washing Hand-Made Brush

JP¥ 2,500

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A face brush that is both fun & practical!
Made using goat hair which is perfect for face washing and Japanese bigleaf magnolia which stands up well to water, and finished in a goat shape. Everyday face washing is sure to become more fun!

Goat Face Brush / Soft Goat Hair

JP¥ 3,800

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