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Premium Edo Kiriko – Hokusai & Kabuki

Craft, Culture, Regional Produce2017.6.19

Edo Kiriko is glass that has a complicated pattern cut into its surface. Edo Kiriko items made one by one at the hands of artisans are a traditional Japanese craft with a history of over 180 years. This time, we would like to introduce for the first time innovatively designed glasses that feature the geometric-style cutting of Edo Kiriko and use Mt. Fuji & Kabuki as their motif! We have 4 super-premium items in 2 different types filled with Edo Kiriko original charm!

The craftsmanship of Shimizu Glass glimmers in certain places at the Tokyo Skytree

Did you know that in the 4 elevators that go up to the observation deck of Tokyo Skytree there is an established theme of "spring", "summer", "fall" and "winter" in each one? The gorgeous decoration inside the "summer elevator", which looks like fireworks on a summer night, is the Edo Kiriko of Shimizu Glass.

Shimizu Glass was founded in 1923. While carefully cutting glass piece by piece using techniques passed down since the Edo period, it also takes up the challenge of creating new items through open-minded thinking.
Of course, all of the steps used to cut the glass are performed by hand. The thickness and depth of cuts depends entirely on the sense and experience of artisanal hands - in other words, craftsmanship. Over a number of careful steps, carefully and little by little, a profound and beautiful pattern starts to emerge at the hands of these artisans.

The condensed advanced techniques of Edo Kiriko! Enjoy delicious sake with bold, distorted Hokusai masterpiece designs!

"Hokusai BLUE" & "Hokusai RED" break away from the typical geometric patterns of Edo Kiriko, and generously make use of advanced cutting techniques.

These glasses are produced by "Waraku", a popular women's magazine which introduces the charm of Japanese culture, and "TOKYO Teshigoto", a project team which endeavors to rediscover traditional Tokyo crafts.

"Hokusai BLUE" has a bold depiction of the "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", a masterpiece by the renowned Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai which is also extremely popular outside of Japan. It is a superb item which has a deep cut large wave, Mt. Fuji in the distance and splashing wave spray in exquisite contrast with a clear blue color.
"Hokusai RED", which is based on the masterpiece "Fine Wind, Clear Morning" also by Katsushika Hokusai, is an Edo Kiriko glass that depicts a majestically towering red Mt. Fuji on a background of wispy flowing clouds created using sophisticated cutting skills. Both items have a height of approximately 85mm and a depth & width of approximately 80mm, so you can pour in lots of drink, just like a mug.

When you enjoy a drink of delicious sake in one of these, holding it in your hand and feeling the skills of artisans at your fingertips, all of your five senses are sure to be fully satisfied.

Fuji & a large wave reproduced with bold cutting!
A superb item with a deep cut large wave, Mt. Fuji in the distance and splashing wave spray in exquisite contrast with the clear blue color.

Hokusai BLUE (Edo Kiriko Glass)

JP¥ 18,000

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With a clear, towering red Fuji!
An Edo Kiriko glass that depicts a majestically towering red Mt. Fuji on a background of wispy flowing clouds created using sophisticated cutting skills.

Hokusai RED (Edo Kiriko Glass)

JP¥ 18,000

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●Recommended for those who want to enjoy both Hokusai masterpieces!

Hokusai BLUE & Hokusai RED originals!
"The Great Wave off Kanagawa" and "Fine Wind, Clear Morning" from the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji by Ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai. A set of 2 gorgeous Chusen tenugui dyed using traditional techniques.

Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji,​ Katsushika Hokusai Tenugui,​ Set of 2 [Chusen-Dyed Tenugui]

JP¥ 4,000

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Glasses you’ve never seen before!! Edo Kiriko that reproduces the kumadori makeup of Kabuki!

“Kabu-Kiriko" is a dream collaboration that further reinvents the image of Edo Kiriko!

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art that boasts a history of 400 years. "Kumadori", which is drawn on the faces of Kabuki actors to symbolize various facial expressions, is boldly expressed through Kiriko to create this surprising glass! It also has a beautiful traditional Edo Kiriko pattern smartly cut into its base. This is a glass born from advanced technical skills needed to cut the curved lines of the kumadori pattern and a design based on an innovative idea.

Beautiful curved lines produced using advanced skills!
The kumadori makeup of Kabuki is boldly expressed in the typical Edo Kiriko color of “lapis lazuli” (blue). The matte glass portion represents white makeup.

Kabu-Kiriko (Kabuki x Edo Kiriko) Blue (Lapis Lazuli)

JP¥ 18,000

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Red kumadori expresses justice & courage!
The curved lines of kumadori are depicted in red, a typical Edo Kiriko color. With a traditional Edo Kiriko pattern on the base. This new item is sure to please when received as a gift.

Kabu-Kiriko (Kabuki x Edo Kiriko) Red

JP¥ 18,000

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