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A creative meeting of deer leather & lacquer
Inden Special Feature

Craft, Culture, Regional Produce2017.7.18

Inden is a traditional craft which involves painting a delicate lacquer pattern on top of deer leather. Koshu Inden is designated a national traditional craft in Yamanashi Prefecture, which used to be called Koshu. Please enjoy the charm of this Inden, a craft widely loved by the people of Edo who appreciated chicness!

About Koshu Inden loved by the people of Edo

Kofu is the location of the prefectural office of Yamanashi Prefecture. It has a history of 500 years as a place associated with the military commander Takeda Shingen of the Sengoku period, and has flourished as a major transportation hub since ancient times.
In this town fairly near Mt. Fuji, "Inden-ya Yushichi Uehara" has created unique techniques for applying lacquer to deer leather and preserved them over 13 generations.
The delicate and beautiful patterns of this Koshu Inden were also said to be very popular among the Edo upper classes.

  • Kinchaku (Pouch)

  • Tabako-ire (Tobacco Case)

The passing on of family secrets
The elaborate manufacturing process of Inden

The main feature of Inden is that you can experience its leather becoming more nuanced with usage while enjoying the beauty of the lacquer at the same time. The leather used for Inden is deer leather. It is a light, sturdy, soft leather which is said to be the closest to human skin. Also, the techniques for applying the delicate and precise lacquer patterns to this deer leather require advanced artisanal skills which have been preserved as a family secret.
An esoteric technique called "fusube", where deer leather is smoked and dyed using the smoke of burned straw, is a highly skilled leather craft manufacturing method that even now is only found at Inden-ya.

Numerous beautiful traditional patterns
The charm of Inden

What makes the charm of Inden stand out all the more is its beautiful traditional patterns depicted using lacquer. A stencil is placed on the deer leather and the pattern is created using lacquer. After, it is dried for several days in a cellar whereupon a uniquely textured pattern emerges.
The stylistic elegance of Inden, which captures the beauty of Japanese nature and the four seasons, makes the patterns suitable for a modern lifestyle.

● ”Dragonfly pattern” - well liked since ancient times. 5 popular items.

A coin case that is compact yet has wonderful impact!
Dyed twice with red and black on a navy background. A traditional pattern that was often used in warrior clothing.

Inden Dragonfly Pattern Coin Case

JP¥ 3,000

See Item HERE

A purse with a cute compartment design!
An Oyako design clasp-opening purse with a cute dragonfly pattern. The compartment also has a clasp opening, so you can securely store lots of coins.

Inden Dragonfly Pattern Oyako Design Clasp-Opening Purse

JP¥ 7,500

See Item HERE

An easy-to-use card holder with a gusset design!
This card holder has 3 pockets and side gussets. Stores a lot so can be used for a variety of purposes such as for holding shopping cards etc.

Inden Dragonfly Pattern Business Card Holder

JP¥ 6,500

See Item HERE

Carrying around your glasses will become more fun!
A hard type case that securely protects your glasses. Please enjoy its characteristically hand-made texture.

Inden Dragonfly Pattern Glasses Case

JP¥ 7,500

See Item HERE

This bag is sure to draw lots of attention!
With a zipper pocket inside for holding your valuables. By pulling the drawstring at the opening tight you can hide its contents, making this handy for carrying delicate portable items.

Inden Dragonfly Pattern Traveling Bag

JP¥ 18,000

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●3 recommended items from the geometric Mt. Fuji pattern “Takane” series.

Fuji bathed in the setting sun reproduced with red lacquer!
With 2 bill holders, 12 card pockets, 2 other pockets and a zipper-style coin holder inside, this wallet can hold a lot.

Inden Mt. Fuji Pattern Wallet,​ Red

JP¥ 17,000

See Item HERE

Brave Fuji in the cold winter is reproduced using blue lacquer!
With 2 bills holders, 4 card pockets and 3 other pockets. A bifold wallet that has a snap-button-type inner coin holder and an inner partition.

Inden Mt. Fuji Pattern Wallet J,​ Black

JP¥ 11,000

See Item HERE

Lots of small Mt. Fujis are so cute!
A very handy key case with 4 key holder hooks. This will become more nuanced the more it is used.

Inden Mt. Fuji Pattern Key Case,​ Red

JP¥ 2,400

See Item HERE

●These auspicious “gourd pattern” items are currently popular!

With a simple gourd pattern you’ll never tire of!
With one inner zipper pocket and a gusset at the bottom. This has white and black lacquers that have been applied on top of a navy background. The clustered gourd pattern also carries a meaning of fruitfulness.

Inden Gourd Pattern Traveling Bag

JP¥ 19,800

See Item HERE

Both sides of this handy pass case can be used!
A pass case with 1 clear pocket and 1 other pocket. This gourd pattern is popularly used in the hope of bringing prosperity and career advancement.

Inden Gourd Pattern Pass Case

JP¥ 3,800

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There are also lots of items in many other shapes of available!
See Inden Brand Items HERE

*Please kindly understand that the package design and stated contents of the delivered item may have changed without prior notice due to item redesign etc.

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