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Protect yourself from pesky bugs! Very popular insect-repelling wear
Insect Shield Special Feature

Health/Beauty, Lifestyle2017.8.17

Summer is a time when you often enjoy being in the outdoors and the garden at home. However, pesky insects can be a problem, can't they?

This time we would like to introduce the "insect-repelling wear" of Insect Shield, innovative clothing that keeps away insects by simply wearing it! With unique special processing, which can be worn with peace of mind by those with sensitive skin and those who don't like the smell of insect sprays, we recommend this clothing for enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Revolutionary insect-repelling items not found anywhere else!
About Insect Shield

Insect Shield is an American company that has researched and developed insect-repelling technology for more than 20 years since 1996. Its unique technology is a revolutionary insect-repelling technology that has been registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency. With assured quality that has been guaranteed by many international organizations, for example, it is used by humanitarian agencies to combat malaria and infectious insect diseases.

In recent years, many kinds of insect-repelling clothing are available to buy. However, the technology of insect-repelling substances being firmly bonded to clothing fibers is a special one that can only be found in Insect Shield items.

Registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
About Permethrin

Insect Shield insect-repelling processing uses a substance called permethrin. Permethrin is an artificial replicate of a substance with insect-repelling effects found in chrysanthemums. Through the use of unique technology, this permethrin is firmly bonded onto fabric, making it possible for highly effective and odorless insect-repellency that lasts for a long time.

Insect Shield's insect-repelling effects have also been proved in testing. Even when chocolate was placed on top of insect-repellant processed fabric, ants kept away.

Insect Shield is a firm ally when in the outdoors, in the garden at home, when walking and, if you store it together with other clothing, it will also prevent holes from insects.

∇ See the test video here

Its effects last for 70 washes
Guaranteed Safety & Durability

Insect Shield's insect-repelling technology is trusted around the world. It is loved for its safety and durability. The insect-repelling substance is bonded on to the fabric over a long time using unique adhering ingredients. These adhering ingredients evaporate and only permethrin remains on the fibers, so you can use it with peace of mind in daily life.
Also, its durability has been improved through many years of research. Even if you wash it 70 times, its effects will not diminish. If you find carrying around insect-repelling spray a hassle, or don't like its smell, or you feel uneasy using it directly on children's skin, this clothing will dispense of your worries.

"Innocent Shield" revolutionary clothing is essential for everyday life. As well as its jackets and hoodies, its elegant scarves and blankets are also very popular.

Essential for leisure activities & travel!
Fantastic Insect-Repelling UV Jacket

Simply wear this Insect Shield processing clothing to easily repel insects in any location. This fantastic insect-repelling UV-blocking jacket is light, compact and you can also stow the hood in the back of the collar. The inside of the arms is made of mesh for comfort in the hot summer. Pass your thumbs through the holes on the cuffs to provide proper cover down to the backs of your hands.

Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors – navy, orange & beige – for you to choose from.

Fantastic Insect-Repelling UV Jacket,​ Navy

JP¥ 13,500

See Item HERE

Fantastic Insect-Repelling UV Jacket,​ Orange

JP¥ 13,500

See Item HERE

Fantastic Insect-Repelling UV Jacket,​ Beige

JP¥ 13,500

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Working in the garden & walking will become more fun!
Insect-Repelling Mesh Hoodie

This mesh hoodie with wonderful breathability is recommended for those looking for a basic model which focuses on lightness and coolness. Can be used to repel insects in the garden, when walking and even when sleeping. With thumbholes, so this properly covers down to the backs of the hands. The adjuster elastic around the hips allows you to get the perfect fit.

Insect-Repelling Mesh Hoodie,​ Red

JP¥ 6,380

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Insect-Repelling Mesh Hoodie,​ Green

JP¥ 6,380

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Insect-Repelling Mesh Hoodie,​ Navy

JP¥ 6,380

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Almighty & Fashionable!
Insect-Repelling Elegant Scarf

In a large 91 x 178cm size, this elegant insect-repelling scarf can be used for a variety of purposes. In thin, soft fabric that fashionably keeps away insects.

Can be wrapped around the waist and worn like a pareo, or thrown over the shoulders to comfortably cover up your body. This almighty scarf also makes for the perfect leg blanket.

Insect-Repelling Elegant Scarf,​ Coral Pink

JP¥ 4,500

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Insect-Repelling Elegant Scarf,​ Light Brown

JP¥ 4,500

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Comfort you can't do without!
Cool Feeling Insect-Repelling Blanket

Say goodbye to those annoying insects buzzing around your ears when sleeping. This comfortable blanket fuses together cool feeling and insect repelling functions. You'll sleep soundly until the morning.

Cool Feeling Insect-Repelling Blanket,​ Blue

JP¥ 9,130

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We have many other types of items!
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